How often do you wash it ....

How often do you wash it ..... the GS that is?

  • Religiously, every time I use it

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  • Once if a week

    Votes: 11 26.8%
  • On rare occasions when I can be bothered

    Votes: 13 31.7%
  • Wash? Please explain ....

    Votes: 8 19.5%

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.... the GS that is?

I know of a bloke who has travelled the world on a R80GSs. He runs the bike on the following principles:

1. It is never washed
2. It is never serviced. He's only changed the oil ONCE, allegedly.

The bike still runs like a Swiss watch ... looks a bag of sh1t tho. So how often do YOU get the sponge and bucket out?
not much

clean windshield after each ride or two!

clean bikes a little after riding in rain with bucket & paintbrush!

clean bikes real good maybe 2-3 times per season. wax & polish!
Surely this depends on the weather at the time of riding and on how dark it is when you get home
In the winter? - never - just plaster it in waxoyl and leave it. Oh and hose off the salt when needed.

The bike looks awful but when I doo clean it properly again its like having a shiny new bike :cool:
Wash it?

I only bought because I got sick of oiling chains in the winter- Why would I want to wash it all the time? It's too cold to wash bikes this time of year.
if i'm bored i'll nip into the shed and clean a bit of it and have a fag.
eventualy it all gets cleaned :D
I never bothered to clean mine all winter.
Just washed it the other day, looks good as new!
The only rust I found was a tiny wee spot on the Italian built brake calipers!:)
Question for Johnny Boxer

Hi JB.

I've read on other threads that you're not averse to using a pressure washer on your bike. I take it there is still a 'danger' limit that you won't go beyond (ie. paint stipping distance).

Can you tell me - do you use the pressure washer from a certain distance, only?

As you've been using this method for a long time with no bad effects and your bike is still red where it should be :) your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

washed my PD twice (very quickly, absolutely no polishing) since i bought it middle of last year.

i got 2 other bikes that are too shiny to ride so i bought something that looked better the dirtier it gets ;)
I hate to wash:mad:
My Vespa Bravo is 24 years old. I have NOT washed it 24 times! More like 12.

My BMW Scarver:
I'll promise him I'll wash him more often. (It's a boy!)

Will my Bravo get jealous? If I cuddle the Scarver a lot more then the Bravo?

:idea A washingmachine for bikes! Like the car wash without the brushes!

:beer: Liv.
I would wash my bike after each ride but by the time it is cool enough to wash, I have found something else to do.

But I was my bike every 2 weeks or so.

Washig the bike gives you a chance for a closer inspection than the normal kick the tyres before you go for a ride, and gives you the chance to spot any bits at have or are about to fall off or any little oil leaks that are starting.

Just re read that .... how can you spot a bit that has fallen off????? you can only notice it is missing.
judge said:
We have such a creation over here, we call it the garden hose!! ;)

Garden hose = hageslange.
Thank you!
But how do I use it?
Do I have to go outside, find the garden hose, find soap. And bend my knees for washing the rims?
Oooh, I don't think I understand.
(Lazy, me?? No! Not at all!!)

I'd like to insert a coin, wait, and - TA-DAA! Clean bike!
;) Liv.
judge said:
Liv, Given your familiarity with the board and your splendid grasp of the language I can't see you getting away with that double-entendre :D

I looked it up in my slang dictionary:
You naughty you!!!
:p Liv.:p

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