how to edit and publish a webpage ?

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Feb 13, 2003
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I'm new to web pages and stuff - haven't really tried before.

So - i've got a new webpage on OPTUS, my web provider.

Figured out how to find my address - that was tricky enough - i don't think they want you to do it so they can save space !!

Anyhow - did a test run and got the webpage address, however now i want to edit it and change it, add photo's - that sort of stuff.

How the hell do i do it ?

I can open it in word etc, but how do i save it back to the webpage ?

How do i 'upload' to it - files, photo's etc. ??

I'm stumped.

What are you going to use as an editor. Word? FP or DW or something else.

If you are on Windows 2000 or XP you can actually do a save as web page in Word and save it toyour web space via the normal windows navigation system. You'll need to know the correct address and login and password info.

Really if you get into it you should use FP which has a publish button. Or my preference Dreamweaver which has a fully built in FTP system which is a bit like norton commander a few years back.

Meaning the web site is shown on one side of the screen and the local files on the other. All you need to do is drag and drop the files from one side to another.

Lastly if you do use word be carefull making links from one page to another as it might include c: in the address which obviously won't work for your visitors...
To copy files to your web page in Windows is pretty simple using "Drag & Drop".

Open IE and put the following in the address bar:

ftp:// username:password@ftp_address

which should then look a bit like a Windows Explorer folder listing. Folders etc. can be created and deleted from right mouse click sub-menus.

Open up Windows Explorer and you can drag and drop files from it to your web page.


Nope - tried both of your suggestions - neither of which work.

did what you said exactly - didn't work

tried different things - didn't work.

I hate networks !!

Can someone do me a step-by -step in frontpage or word or any 'kin thing pls ??

i know my address, my login my password.

The ftp_address I mentioned above may not be the actual address of your page - your ISP should provide you with the address of its ftp server, something like perhaps.

Check all the FAQ available on thier home page.

Just searched myself and it looks like you need to use:

thanks Ian - but - from their - so called - help page.

Step 1 of 4

* Open FTP Explorer by double clicking its icon on the desktop.

Errrr - nope !! its not on the 'kin desktop.

Richie -
I've published them in Frontpage but its not updating on the web.

I can't beleive this is so 'kin difficult. !!!!

Wheres a bleedin 10 yr old when you need one. Grrrr
OK, this is what your FTP prog should look like if it's connected.......(this is using Terrapin FTP but most look very very similar)

A) You should have something telling you that you're actually connected to the server....if you click on the "SERVER" tab above that connected message in the tool bar, you should get a drop down list of all the servers you've told the programme about......if not, you need to set up a 'new' server and tell the FTP programme its properties and logins etc....the details posted before this look about right for yours. Then you'd click the server you want and using the drop down menu, click 'connect'.

B) This is telling me which server I'm connected to.

C) This is where you see the server system'll run through things like 'sending logon, authorising, acknowledging, handshake, passwordf autorised' etc but when it says you're connected, you get the right message as in A).

D) These are the files and their details on the NTLworld server...everything I've uploaded to it will be listed here.

E) This is the file list that I've browsed to....these files are still on my hard drive.

F) The folder list on my Hard drive....double clicking the folder will pull up the files as shown in panel E)......

To upload a file from the E) pane, all you have to do is right click on it and click 'send'........then you'll get a progression bar in panel C) and the message there will show how much has been uploaded, then it'll complete and the file will appear in panel D).

I Suspect your problem lies in actually connecting to the server....see steps A) and B)

You can, as others have said, upload from all sorts of other programmes including word and publisher, but they can be very difficult.....An FTP (file transfer protocol) programme is far easier to set up and use.

Shout back if you can't make this work..

HTH Bill


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Phil, I was describing using normal Internet Explorer to get FTP access to your web page upload area, all the information is buried somewhere in thier FAQ :rolleyes:

You are connected to the internet when you try this, aren't you :confused:

I wouldn't recommend the following as a method of uploading, but you could try it to prove a point:

Connect to the internet.
Open a Command Window.
Type ftp

You sould then be prompted for a username - enter yours.

Then a password, again enter yours.

Type dir <return> and see if it does a directory listing. There should be a single file index.htm or similar.

Type quit to exit


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