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Mar 11, 2002
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I thought that you might like to share with me the foreplay, calm down now chaps, that will lead to ownership of an HPN. Some of you will remember my brief flirtation with a new Adventurer some months back, what a disaster that was, and how I was offered a German "home market" bike for next April. Well having seen a couple of more classic GS's, such as owned by Andy (the Judge), I thought perhaps a second-hand HPN might be nice. But despite loads of "wanted" ads, placed in Germany, no luck!
So a deposit is on the way to HPN and a build slot has been allocated. The fun bit will be deciding on the "donor" bike and the choice thereafter of HPN model, Baja is favourite at the moment.
A visit to the factory has been organised, so expect a few pics and questions for some of you knowledgable fellows.


PS Voyeurs welcome - ridicule expected ;) .
Chris, you really should know better....Ridicule? Us? Never!

We hold you in the highest regards and respect whatever riding decision you make as "perfect".

Terms and conditions:
Glossary of terms:
"The bike" shall be used to describe the Lurvely HPN dream machine.
"Him" shall be used to describe the Colon (sorry that should be Colonel)
"Free" shall be used to describe...Mmm..Free.

-The above made statement should be taken in tandem and parallel with the unilateral offer by him of mandatory free test rides of the bike.

The offer by him should be interrupted as open ended and incidents on the bike are without redress

...Cant wait:D

Simon T

Let's have some more details then - mainly how much is this little project going to cost you? I visited HPN in July and had a test ride on a 1043 Sport (see pic - that’s me!). The guys were very helpful - In particular Mr P but the bikes do seem to be seriously expensive. The 1043 that I rode was nothing short of fantastic - it handled like a supermoto and was silky smooth. Wheelies off the throttle in 2nd too! One thing to note is that although the sport and baja look really small and manageable in the pix, there are, in actual fact, enormous. I'm 6' and I was on tiptoes on the sport.

Possibly, also of interest is the fact that UK based airhead builder Andrew Sexton can do anything that HPN can do and can also import HPN bits to be used on your bike. He is cheaper than HPN, speaks English but the downside is, his bikes have never won the Dakar. Worth considering though.

If it was my choice, and I had the money, I'd be looking at a sport\rallye model - i.e. using the oilhead shaft. The monolevers are nice and simple and cheaper to build but the downside is, if you break the shaft you are going to need to speak to HPN to get a replacement as its 10cm longer than standard. With the oilhead shaft (which appears to be bombproof anyway), it's just a call to works or bins and you're off again.

Keep us posted and good luck.



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When you visit them in Seibersdorf, try to get a tour of their "museum". Espesially the bit in the shed across the road. Full of great ideas.
Regards to Klaus Pepperl.
Try to find out why they don't answer their e-mails.

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