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Jun 28, 2002
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Andover Hampshire, Real ENGLAND
I have one very happy trail riding partner, just been down to my local for a pint,with Paul the SalisburY Plain guide " best days motorcycling ever , what great people" he siad.

Hes real made up, even planning where hes going to take you next year.

Big Thank You

A huge thank you to Paul, it really was a great day's riding :bow

Tractorpilot and I rode home through the centre of Oxford and Stratford and you should have seen all the tourists staring at my filthy bike :D
Me too - I got accosted twice about my bike on the way home. I popped into the Braintree Hein Gericke on the way and the chap behind the till was made up to see a GS that had been used properly - they're just down the road from Cannon and all the BMWs they see are generally very shiny :p
Likewise, big respect to Paul. I hope I'm still able to get my leg over a pogo when I'm 67. :aidan
Mutley is a tart - none of the big town centres was on the route home - but we had to go through every one. I wouldn't have done that if I had been on my own :augie :augie :D - much

a huge thank you to paul our guide a man of infinite knowledge , and a true gent all the way .

thanks indeed.:thumb
Glad to hear that Pauls rideout was well attended and enjoyed this year Steve. I know Pat and myself had a cracking ride out with him last year, I'm only sorry I was unable to make it this year :( .
Big respect for Paul. What a nice chap. Very patient with us when we were behind schedule due to photo shoots or picking up and pumping out drowned bikes. He made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves all day. Couldn't have wished for a better ride leader.

An excellent ambassador for Salisbury plain. :)

Huge thanks to Paul for making such an enjoyable ride out.

Hope he can do the same again next year?

And another big thanks to Paul from me, the new kid at the back.
I have to agree with all of the semtiments above-Top bloke.
Had a bit of a chat with Paul in the evening while clutching a pig sandwich. What a genuinely interesting fella.

Thanks again Paul

& thanks to the rest of you guys for letting an 'L' plater tag along and not mind stopping for a bit after my first attempt at ditching the beast of burden.

A bloody good days riding I'll not forget.:thumb2

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