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I have just replaced an 18" wheel on my R80GS with the correct 21" item but would like to try and recoup the cost of the 21" by selling the 18" but need to know what it was off.

The rim marking is 36.31-2320014 2.50-18" MT H2 D DOT 1291-AKRONT SPAIN.

Anyone know please?

Thanks in advance

R80R, R100R, Mystic.......take your pick.

To be honest, I'd keep the 18" as well. Get another rear wheel & have a set of knobblies & a set of sticky road tyres a la supermoto. I was always looking for an 18" when I had my airhead GS.
Yummy, yummy........yes please, Para.

I'll have one in black/yellow, mildly tuned & I'd swap my 1150 for it tomorrow.
Cripes - that's a bit extreme Para!!! But very very nice :)

I must admit that I prefer the steering with the 21" wheel on - it used to "turn" a little too much of its own free will with the 18" but that's a personal thing I guess.

I don't know if supplementary questions are allowed but here goes - what should it cost to have the tank taken back to bare metal and a proper (2 pack??) respray in the original Marakesh red likely to cost - I am hoping around the £100 mark but I am an infernal optimist!

Thanks Parta - I am still knocked out by your machine - phew!

Another supplementary - I tried a long time ago to track down some engine protection bars with no suiccess - any chance that a set from a 1981 R80 might be made to fit??

Also, are the clocks on the R80 similar to the R80GS - the ones that have been fitted to my R80GS are massive!

That is really helpful Para - you will see that my instrument panel is nothing like that!

I got what I think is the original high front mudguard fitted now and it looks a lot better than the tyre hugger item on previously. This was attached to what I think is the fork brace which, reading the manual, I should put back on.


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If the GS side stand should be integral with the engine bars then that might explain why I can't get mine to stay put! Another pic attached to show my weird assembly.


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