Hi people,

Just a quick one, does anyone know of any importer's who I could get a nice new BMW from but at a cheaper price. Any info would be great.

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I think....

Wheels do to but I don't know much about them
Hi Skip

Bracken do imports


I'm giving them a call tomorrow, as I read somewhere in this forum that if you mention the GSClub you get a 10% discount. What do you reckon my answer is going to be when I ask them if it applies to a GS purchase? :upyou :D:D:D

I'll post tomorrow to let you know how I get on. If you do find a good deal somewhere, please post it here. I too am about to purchase a GS very soon. Cheers, Geoff.

P.S:- You would think that there are a few BM dealers who are aware of this forum by now and actively jump at the chance of flogging us a GS at a greatly reduced price.:roll

Com'n guys -please. Pretty please...
Wheels International have a showroom in George street, London W1 and Hockliffe near Dunstable. They can get most K series and R series at really great prices except , wait for it, R1150GSs which they can have trouble getting.

They have got F650GSs in at £4199 brand new. Best person to call is Ian in sales on 0207 486 8600.

Good luck!

....and with the prices Touratech charge, even a 20% discount wouldn't exactly make their stuff good value for money....


What do you know about wheels international? I've heard mixed reports
Went to Bracken today

£9740 for an in-stock Adventurer ( brand new, big tank ABS heated grips)

£ 7900 for a 2nd hand 2002 1150GS with 2000 kms (Import - Kilometer clock)

Standard GS's not in showroom at the mo. They get them to order and it depends on what you want before they can "source" it and find out how much it will cost.
the reason BMW bikes (and Harley Davidson bikes ) hold a good second hand value is that they are not discounted like most of the other makes out there
also certain models are much sought after especially boxer GS's so supply and demand come into play
I have seen a few imported GS's here and there over the past couple of years and the price seems to be the same as official imports
IMHO the GS BMW's are worth every penny that you pay as you are getting a bike that will do most anything that you ask of it and you only really need one bike in your garage!
so pay your money and enjoy one of the best bikes out there.:)

I called Bracken before I bought mine. They wanted the full UK price for an import. When I pointed that out they were quite arrogant in suggesting that I wouldn't have to wait 6 months. THat put me off. Although others do speak quite highly of them.
I imported mine myself (details elsewhere) £7000 for new bike with ABS, heated grips pannier rails. OK I may have taken a gamble with warranty quibbles if applicable, but this was 3 years ago. Bike has only been to a dealer once, for a first service.

I think the bike was more expensive then in UK than it is now but to get one in the right colour and right spec was a min. of 6 months waiting at the time.

Living in Kent, surely this is still the cheapest option.


Try www.mobile.de and search used bikes. The price for a six month old gs with everything on it is about 9,000 euro. Adventures start at 10,000 for a six month old model. Warranty is not an issue as both BMW Ireland and England "have" to honour the europe wide warranty.

So...how do you import it?

Will a UK insurance company cover it on foreign plates until you re-register it?
Re: So...how do you import it?

thesanguine said:
Will a UK insurance company cover it on foreign plates until you re-register it?

Dunno, ask them or stick it in the back of a van.:)

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