in praise of tobinators


Got a set week before last.

Fitted last weekend, but didn't get out much.

Out this Sunday and did a few runs up and down a small section of dual carriageway (90+ mph), playing around with the settings.

Put the seat back on low from the high setting and found the quietest setting to be.

Side adjusters (BMW originals) on top slot. Tobinators on 3rd from top. This is placing the air a bit higher up, lot quieter and visor stays open to about 80mph (used to slam shut at about 55)
With Tobinators on 4th slot down, air more in the face, still a lot less noise and visor ok to about 70mph.

Either setting much better than with the standard fitment. i think 4th adjuster for usual Sunday run outs and 3rd adjustment for longer motorway runs.

Oh and Tobi - bike and the A4 flyer now with my mate ready for the NEC show.

Thanks Obewan - I'm looking forward to a veritable flood of orders following the NEC show - hope you get your own bike back in once piece and they dont use it for backflips on the indoor stunt extravaganza.


Tobers, are you taking a load of them to the show for selling? and what stand are you on and I'll come and see and most probably buy. Steve GS12
Hi Susst,

Nope - I'm not going to the show. Obewan's 1200 is being used by a pal of his on his world tours stand, and I'm taking advantage by just having a Tobinator blurb sheet with the bike.

I'm more than happy to take a cheque and despatch you a set next day if you fancy :D PM me for address details etc.



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