Intercom - Autocom

David McCorquodale

Does anyone else have a problem with suppression on their Autocom. I have been a bit of a spendthrift admitedly by getting inductive loop ear plugs in association with the standard Autocom Pro-M one however the results are out of this world in both clarity of speech and ear defending.

My one problem however is that I'm getting an irritating ignition/spark plug 'ticking' and backgroung alternator 'whine' when using the ear plugs. Both noises are in harmony with engine revs.

Does anyone have any idea how I could further suppress the unwanted noise?

I had the same problem with mine after I powered the Autocom unit from my fuel pump power line!! went to Halfords and bought an in-line noise supressor (designed for a car stereo), cost about £5 quid, absolutely NO interference now!!!! and very neat and small!

While were on this subject Dave, tell me more about the inductive loop plug thingys etc... I love my music on my bike, the main reason for the autocom system in the first place but I'm tending more and more to ride without earplugs so I can hear the music properly!!! problem is I know I'm already suffering hearing damage 'cos of this! If there is a way round this please let me know?


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