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Iain Hogg

While I've got your attention, I've also been trying to get this to work between 2 PCs running XP.

They are connected by Ethernet and can share other resources but when I enable ICS on the PC connected to the broadband modem and set all network settings at the other end to obtain IP and DNS addresses automatically, I still cannot access the internet from the 2nd PC.

I have disabled the Windows firewall and set the approprate permissions in ZoneAlarm on the main PC but still no joy.

Control Panel in the "slave" PC sees the modem and the connection. Is there something else that I need to do?

networking's a minefield, but you know that :)

when i set up ICS, i just ran the windows network wizard on both pc's & everything worked straight away.

buy a router is my advice, piece of piss to set up & it's a much more elegant solution.
cookie said:
Buy a router is my advice, piece of piss to set up & it's a much more elegant solution.

Totally agree - it's easy.

Buy a wireless router and move your PC/laptop whereever you want.

To start with you want to open a command prompt and run

ipconfig /all

I don't actually use ICS anymore, but you might be better off starting from scratch i.e. running the ICS "Wizard" on the "Master" PC and when that is known to be (still) working ok, repeat the "Wizard" on the "Slave" PC.

Iain - are you using a USB modem for your broadband? Is it cable or ADSL? The reason I ask is that if you're using a broadband modem with Ethernet output, I have a wireless router that you can borrow if you want. The modem takes care of the negotiation with the ISP and the router handles everything else.

If on the other hand you have a USB modem (such as the turquoise BT 'Stingray' - you're bu**ered...

Let me know and I could be persuaded to nip up to The Star for a lengthy network planning meeting... :D :D :D :D
Iain.....agreed on the router option......apart from being dead easy to set up and run as the others have said, it's much better for security if it's a decent router.......people on the outside can't even see your IP address (they just find the router) so you will be a lot more secure.
off the point a bit, but..

..they still see the IP your ISP has allocated to you, your router uses it.
they just don't see the subnet addys of your pc's, so it's no good thinking you're safe from the RIAA/BPI download police :D

below, my IP as seen to the outside world with a speedtouch router with h/w firewall:


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Thanks again guys, I know what I should be doing but I'm currently trying to cobble together a 2 PC network with internet access to set up a PC for my daughter to take away to uni next weekend.

Time (and money) are not on my side, it would have been nice to connect the daughters machine to the internet to get all the s/w upgrades loaded but that will probably get ignored for now.

Currently downloading applications and copying the install files across before installing them.

Paulf, nice idea but I can't make the Star tonight, perhaps some other time?

At the moment I am using a USB modem - a h/w modem/router is on the wish list but after next week there may only be one PC in the house so not an essential purchase!!
I have ICS set up on a w2000 pc using a usb cable modem and connect my 2laptops using w98 via ethernet and an old 10mb hub. I also use Zone alarm and ICS will only work if ZA is configured for Medium protection.. not great but ok for updating anti virus on the laptops and a bit of short term surfing. Took me ages to work out it was za causing the problems! The connected machines are running client for microsoft networks TCP/IP and are set to obtain an IP address automatically. The usb cable modem is set up with TCP/IP and the DNS server and alternate DNS IP addresses are specified (of the ISP) are specified the connection is set to obtain an IP address from the ISP automatically. For the ethernet connection to the other machines I've given the host machine an IP address and subnet mask and it all works.

Not sure about XP though never used it and I'm not an IT bod! Hope this Helps:)
Ian - i've just done this very thing myself.

The only way it would work is using a crossover cat5 cable and no ZA. - it won't connect with a std cat5 cable.

Use the XP discs - get the main pc connecting to i'net

Then connect laptop, use discs in laptop - then again in pc, then again in laptop.

my cable modem connects to pc with USB
it will work with ZA, i've done it. also, at one time, client pc was on w98 then xp.

xover cable is required. use xp networking wizard.
ps. you do have to add the subnet in ZA manually i think.

check if it's ZA blocking, by turning it off.

pps. you need firewall on both pc's, not just host.

Have to give The Star a miss then. :( :(

As I managed to tear a cartilage in my left knee yesterday, actually I won't be going ANYWHERE for a while - certainly not on the bike.

Re: Iain

Paulf said:
Have to give The Star a miss then. :( :(

As I managed to tear a cartilage in my left knee yesterday, actually I won't be going ANYWHERE for a while - certainly not on the bike.


Ouch, that sounds painfull.

I guess we'll be seeing your post count climb dramatically then if you're house bound :rolleyes:

When you can hobble round to your local, give me a shout and we can meet up.

Motomartin & Cookie,

I am using a xover cable and file sharing is working OK.

I have read on the ZA site about problems using ICS and there doesn't appear to be a standard solution. Some even suggest that it won't work on the free version of ZA.

As I said, the current 2nd PC will disappear this weekend so the problem will ot arise again until I get another one up and running, and by that time I might even have invested in an Ethernet modem router as I've run out of USB ports!

Thanks for the words of encouragement all the same,


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