Intrusion / attack from UKGSer website

Intrepid Ken

This morning, while using my computer my Norton’s detected an intrusion from this website. Although it classified the intrusion a “Low” it blocked the site for 30 minutes to prevent further attempts. Paul G, it came from your machine, I’ve PM you to advise but you may not notice the PM. You may need to check your network.

Attempted Intrusion "MSSQL_Null_Packet_DoS" against your machine was detected and blocked
Risk Level: Low
Protocol: TCP
Attacked IP: DESK(
Attacked Port: ms-sql-s(1433)

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Ken it’s not a malicious attack, it’s just the way the MySQL database works that drives this site. I would of appreciated a phone call (my number is underneath all my posts) rather than my home address being posted here :nono

Many I suggest you adjust you security setting so they are not so convulsive :rolleyes:

Thanks for the prompt Rich and thanks also to Sole man for the phone call :thumb

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