Ipaq or not


I have a IPAQ 2210 and was considering adding Tom Tom 3 navigation to it and carrying in my pocket plugged into autocom for voice directions. As I can get this for only about £170 has anyone got any views or experience----- like will it work.

Works for me (without autocomm) for very occasional use (use it in the car a lot) and voice routing pretty good but some caveats:
1) Doesnt lower volume when you are going slowly so can blast my ear-drums causing me to be a little startled at junctions!
2) Sometimes warns you a bit late about junctions off motorways - ie about 500yards to go when if you are just using voice you would probably have liked an earlier warning.

Apart from that I think it works well as a cheap alternative to a streetpilot. Rugged peak http://psalmgear.co.uk/acatalog/ stok the otterbox case holders and handlebar mounts if you want to see the screen. If you buy the software, bluetooth gps receiver , mounts etc you are getting close to a dedicated system anyway in terms of cost at some point I will buy a 2610 I am sure.

What GPS device were you going to use - if you put the ipaq in your pocket? I use a bluetooth (Fortuna) gps, clipped to my minitailpack. is the 170 incouding a fixed wire device - what were you intending to do with that?
I have an IPAQ 5450 running TomTom linked to an Emtec Bluetooth GPS. The IPAQ is mounted on a RAM mount and wired to the powersocket using a nokia in car phone charger with IPAQ adapter. The IPAQ and GPS communicate using Bluetooth and I just carry the GPS, which about the size of a box of matches, in my pocket. I link it straight to the music port on my autocom, the IPAQ has a 3.5mm jack.

The setup works great in the car but I get a bit worried about it on the bike for the following reasons:

1. The IPAQ is not weather proof in any way. I have used a waterproof cover but with the power cable and mounts you cannot get a good seal.

2. I am very wary about the vibration effects. I have had a few faults although I cannot tell if they were caused by vibration.

3. The IPAQ screen is prone to glare in any kind of bright weather.

The software is very good and does an excellent job of routing but it is a bit lacking in customisation features. The Bluetooth link goes down sometimes and that can cause the application to hang which demands a reset. Very frustrating if you are on the move. Anyway, Bluetooth may not be an issue for you.

All things considered I am now buying a Garmin 2610 as I really want something I can depend on and I hope the Garmin fits the bill.

By the way, If you want to get all of the UK onto your IPAQ you will need about 100MB of free space. I had to put in a 128MB SD card to get enough room for the TomTom maps, although you can get away with less if you restrict the area that you have available. If you are not wired for power you will also be lucky to get much more than an hour out of the battery.

The best thing abut TomTom is its 3D display which gives you an excellent view of upcoming junction layouts and even lets you judge unknown bends well. You'll miss out on this if it's in your pocket.

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