Is it possible to bump start my HP2???

Harry Sheene

I've been away from home for a while, and I bet me bastard battery is dead on the bike. Not knowing much about these new four strokes and their fuel injected systems and the malarky, is it possible to bump start the bastard or do I need to jump it???


I'd guess jumping it as the fuel pump will need plenty of volts / amps as will the ignition and the fuel injection.

Plus have you ever stopped the engine while on the move and tried to bump it? Have a go :augie
I suppose not then....

I'm not used to these boxers, as I usually ride jap stuff and mainly two strokes at that, I was just having the horrors of thinking about all those electrics and and you so rightly pointed out, fuel pumps etc..... Thanks :beerjug:
I've bumped my 1150 plenty of times - it worked fine :thumb

just could hardly push the bugger :blast
:blast What a bleedin' liberty, I brought a light weight bike to get me in and out of the shit, now I need to carry a bleedin' battery charger around with me.... Bleedin' eck, I'll need a flamin' adaptor too!:mmmm
Get a friend to push... put it in 2nd stand on the pegs when your friends at maximum speed and still gota a good grip on the rack sit down hard keeping your weight well back and drop the clutch and wack the throttle open.

Make sure someone is filming please.
1100 s bump pretty easy ,but you may need a little bit of juice in battery for fuel pump? 2nd or 3rd gear dump clutch and jump on seat:bounce1:bounce1:bounce1
Yes,it's possible,done it but it's very difficult.Don't even try it unless on a very sloping road.You have to jump sit on the back and it doesn't work until the 3d or 4th try.You need some distance ahead,about 150 meters at least.Good luck.
We tried bump starting my 1200 once, five burly blokes pushing, me bouncing up and down on the seat, in every gear. All that happened was I took a couple of thousand miles worth off the back tyre :nenau
Battery was totally flat after a dead short on an aftermarket relay.
Borrowed some jump leads from a coach driver, connected it to another 1200 and it started first time.
I haven't tried it with any life in the battery, I suppose I should, unless anyone else has other ideas?
Good luck

The scene, last years hafren rally, Pi@@ing down, Si Pavey comes running over, 'got any jumper leads mate?'.
Err no!:nenau
After 5 attempts pushing Downhill and getting completley knackered i had to leave him to it!!
We just could not get enough speed/grip on a fireroad!
You can bump start a 1200 - it makes it easier if you remove the spark plugs beforehand, and squirt a bit of fuel (say 10ml) into each cylinder. Then replace the plugs obviously! This gives the engine a bit of fuel to get going even if the battery is too flat to drive the fuel pump.
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