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Oct 15, 2002
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I know this is realy old stuff but I phoned one of the recommended dealers and asked the question " my 3m old ADV is surging badly and I have tried several ways to stop it inc. a Y piece but it still does it, can you fix it as I don't think I should be trying to fix a new 9k bike myself"
He said "they all do it, its not a fault its just a characteristic of the big twin" and "90% of our customers do not have it"
I said that I am a bit concerned about the effect on the shaft drive and if it had a chain I would be adjusting it weekly !!

comments ?
This is pure bollox.

If surging is a 'characteristic', they'd all do it. Mine doesn't and nor do most others.

Surging is either a fault or a mal-adjustment - trouble is, no-one seems to know which!

Of course it's a (design) fault or maladjustment. Why do you think they've developed the twin spark!
Big Den said:

He said "they all do it" and "90% of our customers do not have it"

Sounds like a contradiction to me......

Mine surged when I got it but it was cured by a Y piece. I fitted the Y piece with the original silencer and that was that. I've since got a Sebring silencer and Superchip, but the surging had already been dealt with.
Taking it into dealer tomorrow for checkup, I have reset the throttle bodies as per other thread.
I would not recommend pulling fuse 5 as this will reset the Motronic but will also clear any fault codes, which are handy for finding faults :D

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