I've been to visit her!!!


Just returned from Sawbridgeworth BMW. Had a call yesterday letting me know that she had arrived safely.

Wow she looks great - all shiny and new and glossy black

And the best part of all..............she's got twinsparks!!!!!!!!!!!!!:beerjug:

Just hope it gets a bit warmer for Saturday, the signs are all good so far.

Excitedly - Richard
she's arrived safely...

.........hee hee hee. Remember that feeling well squire! All the best and good luck Saturday!! Careful it's not too cold ..... or it will take days for that grin to thaw out!;)

gives me the goose bumps just saying it.

Richard you lucky boy - send us photos of you and Helga!
Liv = Norse, from Norway, Scandinavia.

...and I live in Norway too!
If I translate 'Liv': life. The life, 'livet'. Everything who is living / is alive has/have 'liv' inside.
And 'liv' is the Norwegian name of the waist on uor body.
The opposite of 'liv' is dead. Dead = dø / død.

The bike is a living thing: Liv.

...and 'klem' = hug, you all know that..?

Klem, Liv.
cecilthecat said:

There's only one Helga - she lives in my garage in Caerphilly when I ain't riding her. Don't tell me you've successfully cloned another .... :D

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