K&N and TPS


Got K and N filter on the way. When I fit it will I have to reset the TPS or will the Motronic compensate atomatically. I have a Y and Sebring can fitted at present.
Second question is can someone give me the idiots guide to how to reset it if I need to do it.
Jeez.....just read through that, I think I'll leave well alone. If that's an idiots guide I just qualified for sub-sub-idiot category :(

This is something I tried on my first 1150Gs. The technical advice from our friends across the pond (USA) is that it is fine to fit a K&N filter over there for the dry and dusty condition.

Anyway I fitted mine and sure enough the engine ran quite lean (check your plugs for white/grey discolouration and dryness of plug). It also did not let the engine breath properly and I found the buke to be a little less responsive on damp days and quite honestly not much better on good suny days. K&N is made of oil based filter to trap dust particles whereas our normal filter is made of paper which is ideal for our european conditions (wet & orrible).

Therefore my current GS has the original filter from BM in it.

Hope that is of some help.

DTM Norn Ireland

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