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Apr 20, 2007
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Chichester, West Sussex
Hi just a quick question, I have a 1150 Adventurer and often go abroad with a couple of other riders, They have a Varadero and VFR800 ,I have to continually gun the throttle not thrash it but give it some welly to keep up, I wonder if this heavy use of the throttle does the engine any harm over a period of time, The engine has done 30,000 miles with regular servicing, any comments
Just give it some stick, it'll cope, no worries.

A looked after (serviced) engine will do 100,000+ miles, easy. Yours is only just run in.

You'll not catch a well ridden VFR though as you are much heavier and down about 20hp; even harder if you are on knobblies. Think of fitting road tyres if you never intend to go off-piste.

Try the Alps or Pair-of-knees and get up high on some tiny roads, you'll soon get your own back!

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