Jim McSharry

Just had a laugh reading the posts from the Hog Roast weekend - you guys have had a ball! (Hope Tiffs OK by the way). We actually had a wee Hog Roast of our own but you'll have to wait for the piccie.
Kelso turned into a scorcher - cracking venue with the town within 5 mins walk. (I really think we should consider this venue for next year as opposed to a full turnout out Peterborough where space is at a premium - more on that later).
OK, what did we get??? We got to put faces to names - Cool Carbon is not Darth Vader in fancy dress by the way! Corsican Dave is a very colourful chappie and Andy Taylor will probably be in his bed as I write with sun stroke having spent all Saturday running the shop in all the sun. That's just to name but a few - many thanks to all who turned out from both north and south of the border.
Wee Kenny (Who had been working nights with the Bandage Club) and Mrs Wee Kenny took us on a fantastic ride around Kielder then through the Forest on some very dodgy surfaces but we all came through. I now have an appointment with the dentist to replace all loose fillings that fell out during the experience.
To cap it all it seems Heine Gerricke came along for the sole advantage of the GS Club - many, many happy faces with bargains galore (Toureg jacket = £30, trousers = £10 etc etc). So much kit was purchased we all laughed and scoffed at each other as we packed up for the off (Eyes bigger than bellies seems to come to mind!) By the way- message for Dave Turnock was it you who took the 4 x tables and 6 x chairs from the tent? I seem to recall yours was the heaviest bike en route south ;-)
(Just had a call from HSS Hire - seems someone has nicked their stuff from our tent when we left!).
Anyway, piccies later and once again, thanks to all with a very BIG thankyou to those who endured the shop (Lala and Isobelle especially).
Last one - Andy Cam did the business in the cavalcade where the GS Club totally overwhelmed the ring - thanks Andy!
Good to hear you also had a great weekend. Just wish I could have been in two places at once.

Well said Jim, what a cracking weekend. Superb weather and company, too much booze etc.
Thanks to hayfever on the trip back up the road, my eyes now match my rather ruddy skintone!!
Ta All

Absolutely fatastic weekend. Bev ( for the benefit of Andy Cam !) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Best event we've been to for an age. Nice to put faces to names - what a great bunch ! Sunday morning was one of the few times I've got excited about shopping - two new outfits for £100, saving £630.... bloody fantastic. GS uniform appears to be Tuareg post Kelso. Superb ride out Kenny, that 25mph on the toll road was voluntary wasn't it ? 60mph on gravel was quite something.
It really has to be said that there are some bloody excellent folk in this club, hell even the kids are great ;) - phew, some battery life though, fortunately the solar power cells fade during the night.
The stand gathered a lot of attention and brought a few new faces that we're likely to see again.
And as for the weather !
Top event, ta one and all :thumb Some pics to follow in due course.
Thanks for a great weekend! It was good to meet so many friendly faces. Look forward to doing it again sometime soon.:beer:
.......i'm wiv Tim .... glad to hear you had a good time...we certainly did, and i too wish i could have been in two places at once...

...i WILL get to Kelso sometime....

Best Regards


QUOTE;- Originally posted by timolgra;
"Good to hear you also had a great weekend. Just wish I could have been in two places at once."

Great time. Learned a few names then forgot them again! here is a couple of pics.
Who needs a hog roast, it was so hot we could have eaten each other. I had to leave as I was about to eat Murray. Unfortunately he was well done and may have been a bit tough.


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half pissed


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pre parade


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Pity I missed getting down to Kelso, had hoped to meet some of the .....errrrrrr ? ....interesting characters from this forum :p

"Half pissed" -- Nothing half about my state of inebriation Dennis ! I'll thank you to get the facts straight and record for posterity that I was well and trully sozzeled , so much so that despite attempting to get to bed early , I gave in to a drunken impulse to listen to Jez's fulsome account of his new GPS system . Alas the account was accompanied by "trumps" and we all saw the farcical spectacle of drunken campers attempting to - a/ work out which way the wind was blowing , b/ work out which way Jez's wind was blowing , c/ how to strike tent , move it to a new pitch upwind of said Jez , then re-pitch it and all without actually taking any of the contents out of the tent ! Nobody will be surprised to learn that we failed miserably in any of the above tasks , so resorted to the tried and trusted remedy of more pain relief thanks to john barleycorn .
What we did not fail in however , was in enjoying ourselves . Thanks to Jim McS. and the delectable Pam , for all their hard graft (first there and no doubt the last to leave) , everyone who turned up and made the gathering so enjoyable , Isobelle and Elana for their excellent work in the club shop , Andy T. for being a genuinely all roung good egg , Corsican Bob for sussing out a rival's tent and actually telling me that it was a good buy (!) ,Hein Gericke for selling off £60 fleeces for £2 & £490 leather two piece suits for £40 !!! So what if poor Elana had to ride the 170 miles back sitting on top of her new "comfort saddle" (sic) ?
I still have two questions though - a/ Why is everyone in Scotland named "Andy" & b/ Can Kelso treat us like visiting Royalty for a third year running ? I suppose the answer to the second question is , "Wait & see" and to the first , I'm assured by Andycam that it has something to do with it being cheaper !! Work that one out !
See you all @ Normandy and then Princetown .
All the best , James
Mrs. Grizzly and I also had a great time, a good show and venue and the weather superb. Great to meet more faces to fit the names on the forum, but I have to admit I usually have enough difficulty remembering one name per person!!.
Dennis - good images you've attached - as you'll recall Joyce and I examined your equipment at the weekend and were amazed by it's small size!!, but when you see the photo's, you've proved that
size doesn't matter?
Joyce also managed to spend money in the Hein Gericke tent - £100 for a Shoei XR-800! - can't be bad.
Look forward to the next time we meet up.
Cheers, Grizzly
:beerjug: :beerjug:
sore butt

alas due to work, coudnt make the full weekend so did a round trip sunday, managed to meet Johnny boxer and grizzle briefly, but time was pressing so quick look round then back on them great roads home, next year is a must ?

:beerjug: :beer: :beer: ;)
Good to meet up with some of the GS'ers from North of the Border,for a change.
What a great little show in a superb location,accompanied by fabulous roads on the way up and down.
What bargains @ Hein Gericke.
Jo got a new Harada rep Arai Quantum F - RRP £400 for just £100 and a new Voyager Goretex RRP £200 for £20 and only needs a new popper on the storm flap,no bother.
So she's capped to bits,as she'd reckoned to spend £300+ and only shelled out £120.
I got 2 litres of Silkolene Comp 2 stroke oil for my Trials bike and some Pro-Prep for £1.50,instead of about £15 and some rare Yamaha TY bits from an Autojumbler, I'd have bought more if I'd had the car - certainly most of the Arai Quantum F's going at 25% of RRP,plus some suits.Hein Gericke were so busy it wasn't worth even looking at the Frank Thomas stand.
The B&B in Kelso was superb,we can recommend the Bellevue House @£27PPN,it was excellent and so was Oscar's Restaurant - great food.
We got home weary and tired,but pleased with our weekend away.
A Great Day oot.........

I have finally been de-flowered !! ;)

Never been to a BMF Meeting before, so what a way to lose my Cherry !!

Great Venue, great bunch of GSers and blessed with one of the best days.

Thanks to all that put it together.......looking forward to the next one.


Great weather.
Great venue.
Great people.
Great weekend.

Just to put the record straight, yes, they were my underpants, but I have no idea how they got there.
"kielder-dakar" photos

i take it i'm the only one likely to have photos of this bit of the weekend?

if so, you'll have to wait a while, as i'm still in the old days of celluloid and silver nitrate!

thanks for a great weekend everyone. i trust andy cam has recovered from his ???+mph ride from blair to braemar? who says tkc80s don't work on road....!?

Re: "kielder-dakar" photos

Corsican Dave said:

thanks for a great weekend everyone. i trust andy cam has recovered from his ???+mph ride from blair to braemar? who says tkc80s don't work on road....!?

A cracking ride back, I was airborne more than once, the centre stand kept jumping about and hitting my left heel. The first time I sh*t myself I thought it was my heel on the road!!!!!
Take good care you little off road "Bunny" and I will drop down to see you soon
Thanks again to everyone

Nice to meet a few old faces and some new ones from the list. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend with fantastic weather that is still with us. We finally left around 1745 hours and the chairs were still there then. The van was loaded up with Hein Gericke gear which was a bigger bargain than I could have imagined. My best by was a H2O Gortex jacket for £30, superb leather trousers at £20 a pair and the 2 finger gloves for £2.

Heres a few pics from the weekend. It was so bright that I couldn't see the screen on the camera to notice the batteroes were flat so alot of the one I thought I had taken I actually hadn't......doh.

See you all soon I hope.

Have Fun



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