khun risers and pro taper bars

andy malton

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Jan 3, 2002
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khun risers and pro taper bars

took about 2 hours to fit,those germans don't make anything easy
you need 3 pairs of hands ideally.the bars come ready to go straight on,all the holes for the heated grips/wires and bar weights are all machined.


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the risers are made to suit your body size and it all depends on how big you are as to what model bars would be best for you,blend the two together and you have the perfect riding position,or at least how I think it works!!!.They come California
and are designed by a guy called Ricardo Khun,he is top techie who knows his beans.they cost £213 if you go to ADVRIDER.COM
and search for PRO TAPER BARS you will find lots of posts about them also you could look at ricky's web site which is also there and it will tell all the bars and risers and why he designed them.
Handlebar risers

I recently fitted some to my standard non ABS GS - got mine from Verholen after seeing them on Kevin Sanders bike [ he used them on his round the world in 19 days trip and said they worked great for him ] .
They are easy to fit and bring the bars higher and closer to the rider but have not been able to test them properly due to weather .
Steady Eddie
Andy, Eddie,

Do you think they'd work with Touratech handguards ?

if the touratech guards have the same diameter clamps as the standard ones,then the answer is NO im affraid.If you fit the bars you have 3 choices as to what to do about guards.
1.have none,but not nice
2.get some clamps already machined by ricky to take oe guards,extra $15 and it is an exchange system
3.get some ACERBIS PRO RALLY GUARDS which are made to go straight on the PRO TAPER bars,but that will add another $100+ to the bill but look the mutts nuts.

personally i have access to a lathe so im going to machine my own clamps.Andy

have you still got the original bars? Interested in selling, or are you keeping them to put it back to stock?


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