Krauser K-wing / K5 panniers/topbox on a GS?


I'm about to take take delivery of an '03 R1150GS and wonder if the Krauser set-up, currently on my VFR800, would "work". I know I can get suitable fitting kits from Krauser, but has anyone practical experience - looks, bulk etc?

Any comments gratefully received! It would be a pity to dump them as they're almost new. Incidently as a newcomer, great site.
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Hi, welcome to the Gang !!, everyone's a NUTTER!!.

I would say buy the BMW panniers, with the rails, always sets on this forum for sale, the bike looks fantastic with or without the panniers, where as the krauser frames will look a mess without the panniers attached and will make the bike wider, the BMW ones are within the handlebar width, handy to know when you weaving through traffic.

A little story, my mate had a Blackbird and deceide to fit panniers, a nice expensive set of Givi ones.

Always went the same route home including a shortcut.

All fitted at the dealer off he went, down the short cut, the only trouble was the panniers where wider than the handlebars-- No new set of panniers, and a VERY RED FACE.

keep the topbox, the BMW new with the fixing plate is F*******
expensive unless you can get hold of a S/H one, they do look good though.

Thanks Gary, you confirmed what I suspected. Just a pity about the almost new Krauser gear - but that's just me being a bit of a tight bugger! Anyone got any unwanted BMW panniers?
Regards ... Ken

Saw this in the For Sale/wanted section, of this forum.

new ones can be got from Motorworks in yorkshire, they are good and cheap.


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BMW panniers, the black plastic type, plus rails and fixings for sale. Taken from my 02 GS 1150 Adventure, but will also, as far as I know,fit the R11oo GS, R850GS, R1100R and R850R.
Looking for around £240, there should be a picture attached if I can manage it.

GADGET has attached this image:

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