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Mar 19, 2003
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Took my bike in for its 6,000 mile service yesterday. What a negative experience! I seem to suffer from "biker invisibility" whenever I go there, eventually having to ask for someone to come and see me, despite standing at the reception desk while the staff welcome the car drivers.

Collecting my loan bike, I was told of the £1,000 insurance excess. "Why wasn't I told about this when I arranged it?" I asked. "Nothing we can do about it now, its the responsibility of the person booking the bike in to tell you. I'll speak to him next week, but there's still a £1,000 excess" When signing the form I wrote "Not advised of excess" (just so if the worst did happen I could at least argue the toss). The guy looked at me like I was mad. Clearly they haven't been trained how to deal with customers that are not very happy, very rich and very stupid.

Worse to follow: the bike needs new rear wheel bearings. Not chuffed about this, but these things happen and at least it's under warranty (just three months old). Technician said it was OK to ride but only until it could be booked in. Then told that the earliest they could do it was at least four weeks, at which point the techie winced and departed.

I firmly but politely pointed out that this was unacceptable: I didn't pay nine grand for a bike for it to go wrong and then be told I've got to wait four weeks for it to be mended, etc, etc. No attempt made to help, just the excuse proffered that "Well, that's the lead time!" as if I was somehow not clever enough to appreciate the complexity of it all.

Eventually, a date was found a little earlier, but still two weeks away. Still about 10 days too long in my view. I'll contact the warranty people tomorrow to demand that they find a dealer that can repair my bike more quickly, and collect and deliver as necessary.

I met with total apathy when I went to buy the bike there; when I turned up for a test ride I was not expected despite booking it three weeks in advance. I felt as if I would have had to beg to be allowed to buy a bike through them, so I went to another dealer.

The only positive point is that the technician did get my bike running perfectly - got rid of the stuttering that has been there since its 600 mile service. This backs up the view of another GS owner who has complemented the workshop side of the business before.

It does seem that since they converted the bike shop into a Mini showroom, L&C are not interested in bikes in the least. Perhaps they're trying to drive customers away so they can justify shutting down the bike franchise altogether?

Or is it just me?
I fully agree, Once I purchased the bike they did not want to know .
I had to fight to get my warrenty work completed,
Andy Lee Ames the sales man promised me a replacment hugger as mine was an early example which rubbed on the rear undertray, that was in 2001 todate I still have not recieved it.
He gave me his card with his E-Mail when I was looking to buy saying don't hesitate to contact me for what ever reason, I have sent him numerous E-Mails & he hasn't had the maners to respond to any of them. You make your own conclusions !
Me too

Last year I had a similar experience with L &C. Went in. Told them I was a cash buyer. Explained the spec of the GS that I wanted, and waited.........
They promised to phone back.
I chased them up 5 times, and NO ONE ever got back to me.

Bought from Vines in the end
Or try Prestige - 0208 303 3030.
Bexleyheath, so about the same distance from Folkestone as Tunbridge Wells.

Your experience of L&C about matches mine...

I have been to L&C a few times and have never had a problem!

In fact last time I went to SLM (as they did try to help me with another problem I had ;-)) I wasn't to impressed and also found them quite expensive
spheniscidine said:
the bike needs new rear wheel bearings

I'd be questioning where about they are going to fit the 'rear wheel bearings' GS twins don't have them :confused: :confused:
Wheel bearings

The term "wheel bearings" is my own. The technician (who seemed very knowledgeable and has certainly got my bike running very well) did explain that they were the bearings somewhere inside the rear drive/bevel box.

Upon checking, there is noticeable play in the rear wheel if you grab the front and back of the tyre and rock it from side to side. Anyone else had a proloem with prematurely deterioratign bearings?

I have phoned a few other dealers, including the dealer who supplied the bike from new, and everyone is too busy to fit it in before the end of the month atthe earliest. To say I am disappointed with this is a gross understatement. This is the first BMW I've bought new and I had expected any warranty problems, if indeed there were any, to be sorted quickly and professionally. The BMW warranty people didn't want to know - I could hear their shoulders shrug over the phone. I feel a strongly worded letter to BMW GB coming on - not that I'm optimistic it'll do any good...

Stongly worded Letter eh?

I'm only 20 miles from you. If you want to pop up, I can show you a file full of strongly worded letters that all met with the same response!
When I was in the market for a GS I visited L&C and was palmed off you Junior Salesman after I said I didn't want a BMW car, and then that I was looking at used and not new GS's......

It seemed all to much for them to bother with me..... a bit like Park Lane as well........ nice totty, but they weren't too chuffed at a non-BMW Clothing draped rider enterng their splendid showrooms.......... nice looking posh totty on the reception though....

I have had all kinds of problems with Andy at L&C, I will not bore you all with details but let's say he is not an asset to the L&C bike business.
I recommend Cannon BMW in Chelmsford, They have been excellent there, a family run BMW bike only dealership.
********************News Flash********************

L&C will cease to be motorcycle dealers as of 31st july 2003!!!!

You heard it here first
L&C Cease

Prof. Boxer,

Having read the bad press about L&C is the cessation due to them giving it up or has it been taken away?

I'm sure Stuart at Prestige will be a happy man!!
Professional Boxer said:
********************News Flash********************

L&C will cease to be motorcycle dealers as of 31st july 2003!!!!

You heard it here first
They gave up being interested in motorcycles a long time ago this is just paperwork. How they managed to be allowed to run a bike operation from a back room is beyond me.
Does anyone know how to get in touch personally with the technician? methinks there's an opportunity here to set up an independent workshop for all our servicing & stuff.

Who knows - it could work. If anyone can get hold of him, get him to call me on 07711 182888.


Phil Reynolds said:
Does anyone know how to get in touch personally with the technician? methinks there's an opportunity here to set up an independent workshop for all our servicing & stuff.

Who knows - it could work. If anyone can get hold of him, get him to call me on 07711 182888.


If he's any good he'll get picked up by another dealer - there's a workshop being opened soon at Park Lane. though if he's REALLY good he could take his customers anywhere though I've not heard much from customers speaking favourably about L&C.

Anyway if it's quality independent servicing that's required in the South East I'd give a huge reccomendation to Cray Engineering not just for airheads.

I'll speak to a man I know and see if he can spill the beans.
judge said:

I'll speak to a man I know and see if he can spill the beans.

Sounds fruity Sir......:D

How's the bike?

Sounds an interesting Idea Phil.....A UkGSer service department........yea.:eek:
Can't say I'm sorry to see L&C packing up bikes. I know this is a long time ago (15yrs!) but I haven't forgotten. I'd bought an R100RS off them and had nothing but trouble with it with a list of faults as long as my todger (well, maybe a tad longer) - slipping clutch, warped disc, horn brackets kept breaking, 2nd gear hard to find, ammeter not working, crankshaft seal blown, leaking panniers, noisy forks, you name it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the salesman - who shall remain nameless - (Vic, anyone remember him?) called me a pain in the arse and said I got up his nose. Which I probably was and probably did, but you don't say it to your customer's face. I was that disgusted (and I didn't live in Tunbridge Wells) that I went out and bought a Harley and vowed never to set foot in L&C again, nor buy a B*W. Though I have succumbed to the latter vow.

As the old adage goes "it takes years to gain a customer and seconds to lose one".
I Got a letter from Simon Crompton this morning confirming the previous post that they will be ceasing the operation of the motorcycle dealership as of the 30th of July 03 stating that "In view of impending sale of the L&C group we have no alternative".
Strange statment me thinks. But best of all L&C have kept up there poor standard to the end, I got the letter two days after they closed down !!! Will they be missed ???????;) :rolleyes:

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