Large size bike clothing.


Does anyone know where I can get good quality motorcycle clothing in large sizes in the North West Kent area ?
I’m 6ft tall, weigh 19stone, with 52in chest & 48in waist, now I know there are larger people out there riding bikes, but looking in every bike shop it would appear that they think everyone with more than a 40in waist either shouldn’t be riding bikes or don’t need waterproof clothing or leathers.
I thought I had found the ideal place when I went to the BMF show at Peterborough in May.
JTS Biker clothing are doing leather jeans & waterproof trousers up to 54in waist, & leather jackets up to 66in & waterproof jackets up to 8XL.
Great I thought at last something to fit me,
I purchased a pair of 100% waterproof trousers for £75. The first time I rode the bike in the rain I could feel water coming through the crotch within 20mins, after contacting JTS these were sent back & another pair were sent to me. Today was the first time I have had to ride in rain since then, guess what?
By time I got to work 45min journey I was sitting in a puddle inside the trousers, needless to say I’m not very impressed when I still have a pair of Ruka trousers that are 20years old & still 100% waterproof (just a shame they have shrunk to a size that’s to small to fit comfortable)
Any help would be appreciated I don’t like getting a wet b*m.

try Heine Gericke for jackets - I managed to buy an excellent goretex/cordura jacket (XXXL) straight off the peg and I'm, ahem, anorexically challenged and 6'6".

If you want some good quality made to measure cordura stuff, try either Tiger Angel, (who are in Melbourne, Australia) but are an excellent company to do business with (I'll give more details as to this comment by PM if required), or MJK (who are in Bedfordshire).

I had a very bad experience with the safety standards of JTS when I took a low speed spill on the Nurburgring in Sep 02 and the seams of the jacket just fell apart. Worse still, they weren't interested/concerned at this - if you do a search for JTS, you'll probably find my post on it.......

Am currently sporting a HG Jacket - a genuine XXXL bought in Germany not the UK versions which use the Frank Thomas approach to sizing.

And my trews are from MJK in Flitwick (see MIke's post for links) who do off the peg up to a real 5XL or Made2Measure as big as you like, decent range and Graham is a decent lad.

Want to be a bit warmer - Gerbing do Made2Measure heated gear, got some on order :thumb
People have probably noticed i like rukka kit. I would suggest getting yourself down to doble and speak with them.

rukka do so-called stout sizing (D1 sizes rather than the normal C2) as does BMW. ask either one about it. im sure you will find a good fit.

not the cheapest option but rukka does come with a 5yr warranty.
Thanks for the information folks; so larger sizes are available yippee.
Tiger Angle may be just a little bit out of my way, so I think I’ll give them a miss for the moment.
I see a lot of you like the Heine Gericke stuff; I haven’t actually seen anywhere selling this locally. Can anyone tell me where the closest supplier to Swanley is ? I’ve lad a look at MKJ’s website, unfortunately not a lot of detail so I think a trip up there is in order when I get a chance unless someone can come up with somewhere closer to home.
Hi mate
I'm 6'5" tall, have a 44"- 46" waist dependant on make and I wear a pair of Belstaff lined waterproof and armoured trousers available up to XXXXL
They have zip out lining and were about £150 last year
Jacket I wear is the Hein Gerike Tuareg one (stormtrooper - as this forum seems to have nick named it)
It is plenty long enough in the body and arms and very comfy
Boots are Daytona Travel GTX in size 15 (I normally take a 13 in shoes boots but these seem to be small sized)
Hope this helps
jackwabbit said:
I see a lot of you like the Heine Gericke stuff; I haven’t actually seen anywhere selling this locally. Can anyone tell me where the closest supplier to Swanley is ?

Hein Gericke supply exclusively through their own shops. The only ones I can find in Kent are here:

Maidstone: Lower Boxley Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 2UU
: 01622 679976

Welling: 21-25 Bellegrove Road, Welling, Kent DA16 3PA : 0208 3044559

:beerjug: Thanks for that Mike, :beerjug:

21-25 Bellegrove Road, Welling,
Well i'll be a :monkeypiz 's uncle, I’ve been in there before when looking for size 14 boots for my son, but didn’t know it was a Hein Gericke place (that’ll teach me not to look at the name of the shop) :rolleyes:
I’ll drop in & have a look on my next day off
I have just received an e-mail from JTS stating “We think you have been very unlucky. If you would like to return them to us we will exchange them again.”
Oh well I suppose it’s worth £5 P&P to send them back again, in the mean time I’ll carry on using my old Buffalo trousers at least they are waterproof.
any bike shops more or less in the centre of London that sell decent kit for the more robust gentleman? I pass through london everynow and again and in Spain, well no comment.
A Harley dealer is sure to stock large sizes!


They are sole supplier of MJK off the peg/made to measure gear as used by lots of racers and journalists. Up to 52" chest/waist are stock items.

The proprietor is known as Big Jim!

Based in Bedfordshire but they have a stand at lots of shows. They do not list them on their website, but email them for a list.

I'm glad someone else started this thread. I am currentlt using an HG XXXL jacket and I an usually only XL for normal clothes!

It seemed to be the only side that I could do up over a shirt and jumper/sweatshirt with the zip-out lining!

I'm currently in the market for a new jacket and also fancied the cordura style pants and tried XXXL Akito types.

With a 42" waist and an arse more compatible with a 44" waisted-person I couldn't get the buggers done up yet alone try to sit in them! And yes, I too have seen fattus-bastardus' bigger than me on a bike and with good looking gear on!
I too have problems with clothes - 6'6" (36" inside leg) and 42" waist. I can get a big enough chest/waist BUT can't get things long enough - my Belstaff overtrousers (from when tyhey were made in Stoke) come above my boots when I'm on the bike! I tend to pick up what can at the BMF do in Peterhole in May. Other ideas for good suppliers in Cheshire? (There is a good place for leathers in Stoke - D and K I think).
On the way home from work on Friday (after getting wet on the way in & starting to get wet on the way home) I stopped off at J&S Greenwich & picked up a pair of Buffalo trousers with CE armour for £55. (Plenty of room in their XXL for me, where some other manufactures XXXXL wouldn’t go anywhere near)
I have a Buffalo jacket that’s 4 years old & it still keeps me dry. Journey home last night and back in today in heavy rain all the way, no problems I’m as dry as a bone.
This has got me thinking Why do sizes vary so much?, & if Buffalo can make waterproof clothing for silly money (£80 for a jacket & £55 for trousers all with CE armour) Why do some manufacturers charge as much as £600 for a jacket & £200 for trousers ? Are they really that much better or are we paying for the name?
Fiedsheer are selling there Highland range of waterproof breathable clothing they go XXXL as standard but can go up to
XXXXXXXXXXL [yes 10X] on special order the kit looks half decent.
they can be contacted,
01473 7451431

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