Laser Pro d'Or Exhaust System

Simon Eassom

After experiencing some anxiety before fitting my new exhaust system, due to one or two adverse comments from users of the Laser system for the 1100GS, I've taken the plunge and here it is.


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I've phoned around, chatted to my local BMW dealer, contacted Laser's UK distributors, and managed to come up with the following:
This is a new(ish) system, designed specifically for the R1150GS and is slightly different to the systems previously used for the 1100. It has a new chip to iron out problems with the old system. It's only been available in the UK for about 2 months and BMW dealers are now "officially" recommending the Laser system rather than the Remus (for no other reason than they are in cahoots with Laser through the Boxer Cup R1100SS bikes fitted with Laser exhausts.

Check it out at the Laser website. There's a downloadable .pdf file with a parts diagram and tech spec:

Meanwhile, here's another picture . . .


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Initial impressions are very good. Beautiful noise (I'm trying to work out how to get a decent recording and post a .wav file so you can hear it.
It's been a long time since I've ridden a GS with full Remus race system plus BB chip, but this feels very similar from memory. Would need to ride them back-to-back and/or do some top gear (5th, not E) roll-ons side-by-side.
Very crisp and immediate response off the throttle. Takes off from 4,000 to 6,000 revs but nothing extra above that. Increased vibration through the footpegs at 5,000 revs (could be annoying if you suffer from numb feet).
No decent backfires yet, so I'm a little disappointed I'm not scarying old ladies crossing the road in small villages.

The hanging bracket is a much neater and easier affair than the Remus system, due to the "strap" arrangement. And it's all much easier to clean than than the OE can (having had to wash it already after riding in torrential rain this morning.


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I let the folks at Wollaston BMW in Northampton do the fitting and setting up (my thanks to Alex in the workshop, top man). Shaun Muckle in parts and Steve Peake in service sorted it all out for me (01604 232000).
Fitting the Y-piece and can was a relatively straight forward job. Everything fits really easily and is well made. It's a very straight-forward DIY job.
However, the tank needs to come off for fitting the chip and also for releasing some extra length for the Lamda Sensor cable. The joint for the probe on the Laser Y-piece is further back than on the Remus system and you need to re-route the cable and pull out the few spare inches under the tank in order to fit.


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The Y-piece itself is very neat and more of a "Y" than the Remus system. I think it looks slightly better as the single pipe is further over to the left of the bike than the Remus and looks a little more balanced, but it's just a personal taste thing.
The bolts for fitting the centre stand bump stop bar (you lose centre stand stop when you remove the original cat) were a little too long and needed to be cut down to insure getting the bar tight enough to stop it rattling around and slipping round. This was the only "fault" with any of the kit or parts.
I'll post some more comments when I've put in a few more miles and got through a few tanfuls to check fuel consumption. Alex re-balanced the injectors and reset the idle speed as the removal of the cat had me idling at about 1,750 revs.

The full system is:
Laser Pro d'Or INOX race can + Powerchip 2001 + Sport Collector Box (Y-piece)


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ooh ooh ooh

that looks sweet
I'm investigating am systems at the moment
Remus are getting a tadge common
further reports eagerly awaited
meanwhile dare we ask how much?


. LASER handmade specially for this bike a complete exhaust-system. The bike has gained with this, cat-less and lightweight carbon, exhaust-system an extra of 13 Bhp!!



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The Laser Pro d'Or system for the R1150GS is also available and as good as identical for the R1150R. Both retain the centre stand but don't look or perform quite as sweet as "sex in a can"
Laser cost

Hi Simon,

Seems like a sweet system and pondering if I should not go that route on my R100GS. What was the overall cost for such a lovely system? I might take the can back home for my R1100GS in December and have a play there.

Enjoy your new toys!

What does it cost?

If you pay dealer prices and have them fit it for you (about an hour and a half workshop time), then you're talking around £700 to £720 all in including the VAT, but I reckon you should be able to get that down to £500 to £540 if you buy elsewhere and fit yourself (a very easy job).
Even the upper price compares favourably with a Remus system plus BBchip. If you buy a Y-piece and race can through a dealer, have them fit it, buy the chip from Motorworks, you're looking at £720 to £750 (more for a titanium can). The BBchip pushes the price up quite considerably. The advantages of the BBchip and Remus system are in the versatility of the chip with different settings for different fuel/conditions and usage.
I went for the Laser for the looks, the relatively scarcity compared to the Remus, the beautiful noise, and the easily comparable performance to the Remus set-up.

Simon E.
Had a Pro-duro on my airhead for some years now. It is well made, 100% stainless steel, went on easily, has stayed on, the finish is still good. Not much difference in noise level over the original, slightly louder and deeper. Other members say it sounds good. So that's alright then.

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