Leaking oil from the top of the fork leg


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Aug 14, 2003
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Allihies again.. but off to Asia soon....
OK I've just washed the bike it has been serviced every time by BMW but the last few services by a retired BMW dealer who I asked to just do the oil and valves etc.

There is now a very slight Oil leak at the top of the leg. 70000KM

Is this a big job to do, I used to service my bikes before and feel fairly competent. I have a normal selection of tools.
Hi Richie
I had a quick look in my Haynes manual and it doesn't look too daunting. Do you want me to photocopy the relevant pages and bring them next weeK ? Or if you need them sooner I can scan them in and email them to you.
For the moment I am chickening out, I would like it done for next sunday. So I am going to get it done by a dealer. Two hour job and they have all the tools to do it, bla bla bla...
Understood......sometimes it is easier just to pay someone to do the job. ;)
It's not that big a job (or I was lucky?), but it is committing!

You take lots of bits of bike apart and there are many processes that can go wrong and could be a real bugger if they do!

My most difficult job was removing the ABS sensor from the fork leg, it was a VERY interfering fit!

Second, was getting the new seals back in and seated correctly.

If you need the bike next weekend and the dealer is local, flex the plastic and get it done!

It's too cold and dark this time of year to spend all week in the garage fixing the bike.

Gecko said:
Understood......sometimes it is easier just to pay someone to do the job. ;)

yeah especially if you've got to much money!!
Ritchie, Noticed yesterday that I have the same problem with 57K miles up. It will have to stay like till after next weekends rideout though Then I guess I'll have to buy the dreaded Haynes Manual and hav'a go.:D
My retired BMW mechanic has told me to get the following part # so that we can change the seals on Thursday, my question is, is that all I need or is there something else I should get at the same time. This is a serious question please....
all you need is a pair of seals and 1 litre of 10W fork oil. I did my 1100's fork seals last weekend after one of them popped. Took about 4 hours including unseizing all the sized bits.

should be ok for another 60k miles
Bloody good thing too - it'd be a hell of a day if you didn't turn up :D just get that weather sorted our will ya !!!

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