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Nov 17, 2003
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OK so I have just fitted one of Robs most excellant Motoswitch II, the one with the single prewired LED.

But for the life of me I cannot figure where to put it:( it must be staring me in the eys but at the minute I cannot see the wood for the trees!!

Who else has fitted one and how/where did you fix it and how??

My only thoughts at the moment are to cut it off and fit a 6.3mm bulkhead one in the dash panel somewhere.

Can anyone help with a picture or two please before I do something silly...............

I put mine on the dash. You can see it on this pic just below and to the left of the row of indicator lights. You'll find that if you slip your finger behing that area there's nothing there.

Drilled a weeny hole (carefully), put some epoxy on the surrounds of the LED, and shoved it through the hole from the rear (!!).

LED Mount


Went to Maplins this afternoon in the pissing rain a bought an 'led clip' mount for mine ( 9p ). 5mm concave - very posh. Bought another LED & clip, different coluor to put an additional indicator turn light. Can't see one of them when I bolt my GPS to the crossbar !! First thing tomorrow, out comes the drill.

Stuck mine at the bottom of the dash, no drilling or nowt, bought a stick on clip, that sticks to the very bottom of the dash straight below the left turn light.

Will post a pic tommorro coz I,ve just read wot I,ve put. Clear as mud.......

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
It's not a Rob special cos i dont get mine till next week but i have a flashing Led jobby in the exact same spot as Tobers' for my alarm indicator.....

so the next question is gonna be, ok, if you have an led there, where do you put the second one for Rob's switch??

Damnit i really shouldnt post when i'm pissed :)

I've just fitted Bryns lights for him and had a similar problem. The 1100 is a lot easier to fit because it fits between the clocks or straps to the more visible metalwork.

The LED mounting was always going to be a compromise. I was trying to make the fitting of the kit easy by having the LED already made up and trying to avoid drilling and soldering as part of the installation. For some of the guys who are not so technical the idea of taking a drill to their dashboards whouldn't be very appealing.
What I will do in the future is include a couple of the small stick on pads, the ones with a slot for a cable tie in, so that the LED can be quickly fitted.

I mounted Bryns under the little dip in the dashboard (just to the left of where Tobers has fitted his), unfortunatly, I had run out of sticky pads which was a bit embarrasing.

If anybody has any ideas or feedback I'm always ready to listen.
Lets try that again

like this...........:)


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I got a 5mm bevel mount from Maplins and put it under the speedo, above the left /right indicator lights there is a nice cavity there, you may need to extend the cable.

Do you think the cable needs extending? I've had no feedback that it does, I can easily change it on any made from now on if need be.

All new Motoswitch units will now be shipped with a stick on pad to make life a little easier.

I have just fitted a 6.3 mm IP67 rated LED up on the top of the console. (picture to follow later)
It had to go up there so that I could get at the small locking nut to tighten it up.
I have also had to extend the cables by about 75mm but there is that much room behind the clocks it would not matter if it was 100mm longer you could just coil it up.



Yes the cable could be a bit longer, I lengthened the one I fitted so I could route it neatly with the rest of the loom, I think I put about a foot in but it makes a real neat job with the LED below the speedo but above the turn indicators.


After routing mine, I found it a bit short, so stuck it as per previous photo, but now I like there.....


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