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Jan 8, 2002
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Guilford, Surrey
Thanks everybody, I located the publisher and I'm getting a copy of the magazine soon. Again, thanks.

And we'll post the project progress!!
Another lift

Visited Fowlers in Bristol yesterday & noticed that a number of bikes were held up in the air by a mechanism called an 'Eazy Rizer'. It looked both simple & effective; I spoke to one of the guys there & they are very impressed with them.
Its essentially a frame, shaped to accept both wheels, which is then 'driven' by way of a vertical thread mechanism. The bike is secured in this by a clamp which locks the sidestand onto the framework.
The guy said that, despite it looking slighty 'wobbely'(?), they had not had any problems - even to the extent of visitors climbing on a bike raised up int the mechanism!!!
Didn't know a price, but I've asked for someone to call me back as I reckon it will do what I want - & takes up little room when not in use.
easyriser.. I have one, ace bit of kit, I have yet to try the 1150gs on it but it works great with the ducati monster or DR350, the lift is designed to take the weight of the GS it is just a matter of working out which brackets to attach to the lift.
Many shekels......

The prices are on the website and depending which bike you want it for they are around 250 - 300 pounds. IE Not cheap... Heine Gericke do one for around £99.


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