Linked Brakes....How to apply??



Just got a nice brand new 1150GS with ABS /Linked brakes.
What is the best way to use them? On my previous bikes front/rear brakes are applied 60/40% approx (in the dry)

Should I now JUST apply the front brake at all times and rely on the linkage.....or do as before...and still apply some pressure to the rear brake. And...if I do apply the rear brake, does this add to the braking force at the rear with the linked part giving far too much rear wheel braking??

Oh dear. Maybe I'll just not think about it too much and just ride it!

Fantastic bike so far....180 miles on clock!!


Congratulations on your purchase.

I have been riding my 02/52 GS for almost 5 months now and it too has the evo3 brakes. I have found them to be ok, but like you it was my first experience. I just apply both front and back as normal, don't think it makes a lot of difference. I'm led to believe the rear operated on it's own works just the rear, so if you tend to use it for slowing approach turns etc., it's ok. I experienced what i though was a little lock of the back wheel just the other day. Maybe someone with a little more experience can enlighten you more.

Happy riding and enjoy it..... Awesome bike!

P.S. Watch the wallet as the bug for adding goodies to it is a strong one!:)
its up to you the rear brake is only linked to the front one way

if you use the rear pedal on its own it only works the rear brake but the front lever works both !

and at the end of the day it has abs so dont worry about the ratio

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