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Jul 15, 2002
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Is a locking oil filler cap common sense or paranoia?
I did not even know that they were available let alone necessary until I was looking through the touratech site.
Are boxers more susceptible to vandals etc. because the oil filler is more obvious, being located in the cylinder, than other bikes where it is located in the crankcase?
I'm not sure about being more prone to vandalism, but it's certainly more vulnerable to breakage, loss, etc. I use one of the semi-lockable ones that requires an allen key. The little mini-allen key fits on your key ring. It's not theft proof but it is more secure. Plus, it looks better than the cheap black plastic thing. I wouldn't bother with one that locks with a key.
Eddie, I have the touratech one with the key. The lock is identical to their pannier locks and I've got all five locks keyed alike. That is, four for the panniers and one for the oil filler.

A few friends of mine have the Allen keyed one that Simon has and one them reported coming back to her bike with the oil filler cap sitting on the seat.

She changed the oil at a servo about 5oo metres from where her bike was, after pushing it there, that is. Then she ordered a locking cap and now sleeps soundly.


I knew deporting all our degenerates to 'tother side of the world was a good idea. Means we dont have to worry about our oil filler caps going missing here at home:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Me Paranoid

Thanks for the replies.
I guess that bikes are always vulnerable compared to cars. If someone undoes a cap that needed a 7 mm Allen key then any part of a bike is vulnerable to them. I think it was just a shi*y prank but would not have liked to risk the engine because of it.
So I’m not paranoid but will be buying a cap of some sort soon. I’ll have to go now because I sure the people across the street are talking about me spending too long on the Internet.
I have he Touratech locking oil-filler cap - but it's out of pure paranoia. I have these nightmares that some kid will think that it's a great game to piss in it or fill the hole up with sand! It just makes me sleep easier at night!


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