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Dec 10, 2002
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Does anyone know where I can get a set of Tourances in (preferably) central London?

I'm also an idiot so would need to have them fitted ...:D

Thanks in advance.

2nd one should have been this one

:thumb :thumb

just did a search under "tyres London"
Thanks ... I did a search for London Tyre which failed to uncover the useful thread .. I'll try more permutations next time ..

I use Total Tyres in Hayes.
Talk to Roy, he's the man.
Usually has a set of Tourances up his sleeve and you should get them fitted to lose wheels for £150.
If you ride in and talk nicely they'll give you a hand to take the wheel off too.
Phone 02085611200.
FWR do a ride in service or will deliver next day, thet say they are the cheapest in London & have a very large stock,the in last drought of Tourances they were the only people I could find that had any stock :- 0208 673 5176
They are in the Kennington Rd between The Old Kent Rd & Vauxhall I can strongly recomend them:D
Agree with Geezer - fwr always my first choice - great service, hepful and good stocks - 020 7820 7818. They also do brake pads, Ohlins and WP.

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