Lowered exhaust?


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Oct 15, 2003
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Oxford, England
Planning to lower the Remus pipe on my 1150GS so that I can fit a full size l/h pannier.

I know you can get lowering kits but I'm capable of making it myself. Before I start, can anyone confirm/deny that it's merely a case of swivelling the tailpipe downwards ( where it clamps to the y-piece) to clear the pannier & then making a longer mounting bracket from frame to tailpipe?

Thanks in advance

I understand you can buy the parts which are standard for a police bike, check with your dealer, but it sure is cheaper to make your own.
I have a chum in the USA who has done this, I'll try to find out.
Steve......Yes, that's pretty much it.

I've just fitted a Wudo kit to mine.....I had some problems after Prestige said they couldn't fit it, and ended up faxing a scan of the plates (there are two) to Motorworks for comparison.......I still have the piece of a4 paper here so if it's any good to you I can fax it to you so you have an exact template of the two plates ;) :D

The angled pipe was about 4 inches long and offset by about 20 degrees.....and the kit came with a set of nuts'n'bolts and one clamp......I needed another because the heatguard/chrome piece that normally lives in front of the silencer covering the joint won't fit back on after fitting the angled joint piece.....Mine looks a bit untidy now because of it so I'm on the lookout for something to cover the area...might end up bending a piece of cross hatch plate to shape and tacking on a couple of big Jubilee clips.

Ooo......here we go, I've also got a nice piccy of the kit.....

If you're down at Princetown this weekend, look out for me and you're welcome to take a good look at the kit...I can bring the template too if you like.




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OOps....I should tell you why there are two plates.......

The cylindrical spacer that goes inbetween the 'zorst and the bracket ends up inbetween the two plates...there's an offset between the bracket and the back of the footrest mount idf you see what I mean, so unless you made a single plate with a kink of about an inch and a half in it, the thing would'nt line up.

I've got some pics of it on the bike but my damn camera is pissing about and I can't get them off :(
Thanks for the info, the kit is a bit more comprehensive than I realised but I'll still have a go at making my own.

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