Lowering the footpegs


I'm new to this board, I did a quick search on this subject and couldn't find much so if I'm going over old ground please forgive me. Anyway.....

..On the 1150 GS, what is the general concensus on the footpeg lowering kits ?(the motorworks ones maybe?). I understand that they generally come with a new gear changer - does this mean any substantial differences to the way the bike handles? and do they make a marked improvement in riding position?

I'm 6' 2" and although I'm not uncomfortable I'm wondering if I'd benefit from a little extra stretch in the old pins.


I haven't taken the plunge yet, but plan to do so. Steve Currell has some fitted. I don't think he's been to well over th past week, as I haven't seen him on the Board.

Steve? Hope you are well old chap!

Can you comment for luga?


Thanks Richard. I read in an earlier post that you had fitted the risers from Motorworks and I'm definitely going to do this.

richwi said:
Steve Currell has some fitted. I don't think he's been to well over the past week, as I haven't seen him on the Board.

Steve? Hope you are well old chap!


Me? Unwell? Fit as a fiddle mate. All me tubes have been reamed out, and I'm following the healthy lifestyle now. No smoking (almost), no fatty foods (scampi & chips in-a-basket excluded - your fault).


Yep. I've got the Verholen kit from Motorworks. Makes the pegs about an inch lower and an inch back. It also moves them out from the bike a bit. Made a huge difference to the comfort, especially if you're a little long in the leg (I'm 6' 1" and it takes the pressure off my knees a treat). Your feet will drag a little sooner in the twisties, and the pegs will touch sooner as well, but I haven't found it a problem. I've got Ohlins fitted front and rear, and this raises the height slightly. As for handling, makes no difference at all, apart from the slightly decreased ground clearance.

The kit came with an extension piece for the gear lever linkage, not a replacement lever, and a shorter piece for the brake lever push rod. Very well made piece of kit - highly recommended.

Haven't tried the riders ones, but the pillion lowering plates work a treat (Verholen). They ARE expensive, but are extremely well made and fited fairly easily. The machining is excellent, although the clearances are VERY tight - do grease the bolts, or you may never be able to take them off. I ordered the black ones as they match the existing brackets.
To start with, I did catch my feet on my pillion's when pushing forward, but soon modified my stance and no problems since then.
Verdict from my pillion? Excellent! Now if only the rear of the bloody seat was more comfortable (Adventure) ...
luga00 said:
thanks for the info, Steve. You're obviously sold.


don't know where you are mate, but I'm hoping to be at the Sarrat meet on the 29th, and the Hadleigh, Suffolk meet on the 1st.

If you're in the area come take a look and give them a try.

I'm just going to go for it anyway but thanks for the offer, Steve -very kind.

Can't make the meet either so I'll hopefully get to see you at a later meet.


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