Map References into SP III

Beemer Boy


I know I was somewhere near the end of the queue when brains were handed out (and arrived after closing time when the Wedding Tackles were, but thats another story), but is it possible to load up map references off, say, Multimap, and dial them into the 'ol SP III as Waypoints?

I'm sure it's been discussed before on these pages, but I'm hanged if I can dig it up.

Reason I'm asking is that I'm planning a trip to Germany and want to coincide it with a visit to Touratech on their open weekend 19th to 21st March.

And be gentle with me...

Mr Thickey,

Try a search for EasyGPS.

AdamZ posted an article to transfer postcodes to waypoints using Streetmap.

Don't know if Streetmap covers the area you are looking for but give it a try. If you can get the longitude and latitude co-ordinates it should work.

Great stuff, Keith. Ta v much.

Just what I was looking for.


:) :) :) :)

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