Mapsource 6.3 Bug?


Hi Pan et al,

Thought I'd finally bite the bullet and upgrade my PC from Mapsource 5.4 to 6.3 tonight - wish I hadn't :mad:

Once updated the 'autodetect' feature only seems to detect my SPIII on COM1 about once in 10 times or occasionally when I initially reboot the PC. If you turn the SPIII off and back on you can forget it - it's never detected again. I've checked and no Activesync or anything else hogging the serial ports.

Anyway used system restore to revert Windows XP to Mapsource 5.4 and hey presto everything works fine again - plus I can select my OWN devices rather than be told what I can have :mad:

Anyone else experienced similar please? Pan ?

TTFN :cool:

:mcgun Mapsource 6.3
My experience is the opposite. Using XP Pro on a laptop the failure rate was drastically reduced. Before 6.3 on almost every download it would lock up. After 6.3 once in a blue moon. And I was connecting a SP3 and 2610 just to make things harder. Never had a problem with the 2610 and I suspect that it had something to do with having to get a USB to serial converter to connect the SP3 into the serial portless laptop.

Been running 6.3 for a while, without a hitch (2610). I'm tempted to agree that the serial/USB converter (if that's what you're using) might be an issue - it used to play up a bit when I had my SPIII...

Thanks John / Mike for your replies - I'm not using a USB-serial convertor by the way, so still puzzled.
Yep, had exactly the same problem. Like you I had to go back to the previous version. But cos Iam an old git cant remember how I resolved the problem. No probs now and working fine.
Barcode Man:

Gee, I'm surprised you are having troubles - the autodetect works fine for me. FYI it has an algorithm in it that automatically looks for the last GPSR that was connected, so if you have more than 1 model, it might take a moment to find the 'new and different' one.

Suggestion - make sure you have the latest drivers for your SP installed. You can download them free here, and it is a self-installing kit, just double-click on it and away it goes.


PS: The SP III and SP 26xx use the same drivers, so don't worry if you have a SP III and the page I referenced is a SP 26xx USB driver download page. The driver package that Garmin identifies as "USB Drivers" also provides serial communication support for all the GPSR's - both the SP III and SP 26xx.
Thanks Pan , Gazza, Jimb - I'll try the new driver route then - I must admit I thought the USB drivers were just that - not new serial drivers too.

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