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Howard Millichap

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Jan 3, 2002
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I splashed out on an extra 128MB data card the other day. When I tried to load it with Roads & Rec mapping I kept getting an error message. I've sent it to Garmin techsupp and recieved the following reply :-

Thank you for your message to GARMIN.

You will need to uninstall and the run a registry edit and then
reinstall the software. I will give you detailed steps to follow.

First click on your START button on the windows desk top and select
SETTINGS, then select the CONTROL PANEL. With the control panel open choose
(double click) ADD/REMOVE SOFTWARE, select MapSource in the remove software
box and follow the on screen directions to remove the software.

You will now need to return to the START button and choose RUN. In the
window there type in regedit and select ok. This will open the registry
editor. There will be two items that you will need to work with. In
HKEY_CURRENT_USE press the plus (+) (it is adjacent to the folder) to open
up the registry. Select the SOFTWARE folder plus (+) sign, open it up and
delete the GARMIN key by highlighting the word GARMIN and press the delete
key on your keyboard. Do the same thing with the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and open
up the software registry and delete the GARMIN folder. Only delete the
GARMIN key. It may not appear under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, because it may
not have been copied to this key. After you have finished here, look in the
folder plus (+) adjacent to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and scroll down until you find
the MapSource.Document. Highlight just the MapSource.Document itself and
press your delete key Now close out of the registry editor and reboot your

Then use the Task Manager to shut down all programs, except Explorer and
Systray. After that re-load MapSource, but please do not start up the
MapSource program. Once that is done go to our Web Site and get the FREE
MapSource upgrade to version 4.11. Download and then install the upgrade,
BEFORE you start MapSource. You can find it here:

Please check while you are there, that your unit's software is the
latest version also. If it is not, please download and install the latest
version of software for the unit, it is also FREE. This should take care of
the problems you are having.

Thank you and best Regards,

Jim Johnson
Product Support Specialist
* Garmin International
1200 E. 151st Street
Olathe, KS. 66062
* 800-800-1020
* 913-397-8200
* 913-397-0836

Sorry about the length. Has any one else encountered this sort of problem? Seems a bit OTT!
Quite the opposite, when I purchased another 128mb card...the map data loaded just the same as the original....

I've had a couple of other tech queries which I was told to address to their UK product support: and I must admit I've found him to me most helpful on each occasion.
I've carried out the above instructions and it seems to have phuqued it completely. I downloaded 4.11 and installed it but the old mapsource documents that I'd saved are opening as 4.06!!!?

I was on v4.04. I downloaded v4.11 last night and everything is fine.

Have you considered uninstalling the software and reloading a clean setup with the CDs that you have, then downloading the upgrade?

That's what I did. It's what they instructed me to do. Something didn't reload properly. However, renewed fiddling this morning and re-did everything they told me to do and eventually everthing was powered up and tickety boo.
So now I can load what ever I want onto the data cards. Hooray!

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