Mapsource v10

Mapsource is Garmins free programme that you use to veiw sets of maps on your PC.

I think your talking about City Navigator 2008 (Non NT)

No idea when it's available. Keep checking the Garmin web site :thumb2
Was emailed this week that the non NT version is now available for my Quest 1, so in answer to your question... Now :)

Garmin said:
Garmin is pleased to announce the new City Navigator Europe 2008 Update. For the most up-to-date maps and navigation on your portable Garmin GPS unit, this is the software you want. This update offers extensive coverage for 33 countries in Europe - making it easy and convenient to update the detailed maps and latest points of interest into your compatible Garmin unit.

The update DVD is free of charge. However, you will need a new unlock code to view and use the new product, which must be requested through our online unlock process. An update charge might apply during this process. The update charge is $75 (+17.5% VAT if applicable) for the whole disc coverage.

If you log into your myGarmin account your can request the upgrade disk, you'll pay for the unlock code as you install it as part of the registration process.

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