maybe it's just me


i'm not gonna rabbit on about this cos it's not worth the time...but, got a new 1150GS 'adventure' from allan jefferies 1 year ago and had some trouble with a sticking rear caliper, they supposidly fixed it and then it happened again so they changed the caliper and the rear hose.....but a great BMW dealer in germany says they never changed the hose ( according to BMW head office ), also i saw trhe mechanic ride out of the garage and park it up without a test ride, when i went to look at the bike the rear hose was trapped under the hugger they had just fitted and excess brake fluid was running down the final drive and onto the wheel. a little more care and less haste keeps the customer happy. if i was back in the UK i think i would be going to the sheffied dealer.
That happened to me once with the rear brake on a Mini. The flexible hose had balooned on the inside and acted like a one way valve. Very frustrating that was.

Does`nt sound like very good dont mind paying over the odds if you`re getting first rate attention.

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