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Dec 30, 2002
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Location country is Kiltartan Cross, My countrymen Ki
Hola all,
Well me wee travels are near at an end, another two weeks and me money runs out, I wish to God I had more time (and money)but such is life. I have spent more time in the last three weeks in internet cafes just trying to book tickets and the passage for the bike home, but in that time I have had a ball, will fill you's all in with photos and the like in a week or two....
on the road
sure ya ave to

Thank goodness you are OK.

With you being quiet for a while, I was beginning to think that you were being held to ransom by the Argentinean Ladies Olympic Beach Volleyball team.

I was having terrible thoughts about you being fed on a subsistence diet of steak and beer, just so that you could keep your strength up so that you could perform sexual ‘favours’ for them.

However, if it’s just the case that you are skint, join the club ;)

It’s good to know that you are OK, and that more photo’s and tales are on their way. I, for one, am looking forwards to seeing and hearing them.

In the mean time, keep it safe :thumb
Sod the time and money problem, go round and do it again, only this time, stop and take piccies of everything else you missed on the way down.

See you soon no doubt:beerjug:
Hey Jose!

Enjoy the last two weeks mate and see you back here. Think we are all very keen to hear your travel stories, tips and comments when you get back. Don't worry about the £££ it will come back again and first Guinness on me when I see you. I would of said Guinness on me but I know how much you irish boyz consume and might need to join you in the job que after that :D)

Welcome Home


Hope you are happy being back home - a lot of us on this site are looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your adventure.

And speaking of round-the-Americas riders, anyone got a GPS fix on MikeO? Has he reached Milwaukee and got pulled by the two remaining sisters in "Love Actually"?



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