Migsel Light Bar

allan cameron

I know there may have been information posted re this before, but I am new to the forum and would like some info on the Migsel Light Bar, is it any good, where can I get one and how much.:confused:
They are very good as is everything else Michel seems to knock together.

Best thing is to use the search tab top menu third from right and search fro light bar and Migsel.

Not being a forum sponsor I dont think you can send him a PM, but I am sure he will see this message.

welcome to the forum.
Yup welcome to the forum

contact MiGSel at gsrijder at hotmail.com
Your e-mail is not in your profile, so if you want any of my goodies, please send me a note:

You can see some pictures of the light bar, cooler grill and GPS mount here.

MIGSEL light bar

Thanks for the response, I have contacted Michael by e-mail, to get further info.

A real helpful group of people !!!!!!:cool:
nah bollocks we are only like this until you are hooked. Its really a sect.:D

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