Mine-fields at night not a clever idea!!!

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Jan 8, 2002
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...on the road
Hello all,

Just thought we'd write and say happy 2004...a little late we know but you dont get many internet cafe in the desert.

We've made it through Mauritania and through the minefields and the desert piste that make up the 'Atlantic Route', arguably the most demanding riding either of us hav eever done, technically, physically and mentally but we're chuffed to bits to be in Dakar (Senegal) and to have caught the end of the Rally. Even bumped into Simon Pavey and the 'Dome' team who'd flown Simnon back out, dodgy shoulder and all.

Here's a couple of piccies to be going on with....lots of sand!!!

For the full story and loads more photos visit our site @ www.2ridetheworld.com

Best wishes to you all, stay safe
Simon & Lisa T



Hi Simon & Lisa

Great pics. Terrain there makes the ripio look like a picnic.

Keep them coming.

Mick :beerjug:
Great to hear from you two, been watching your site from time to time.
Enjoy! and look after yourselves.
Think I just missed you...

Hi Simon

Where are you now? I've been parked in down-town Dakar for a couple of weeks. I was only intending to stop for 2 days but another bout of food poisoning after eating at a street stall (..the first was in Nouakchott while the Rally was in town) forced me to get to know the place a bit better and it's started to grow on me - perfect climate, no mozzies and... ADSL!
I've rented a furnished apartment complete with broadband for a month and am leisurely catching up on my e-mails and watching the Dow Jones.
Banjul seems a little way off at the mo...

Forgot the pic...

A demonstration on the beach in Mauritania of the effectiveness of Vern's 'grab rails' as a result of not waiting 8hrs for the tide to go out far enough.


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