missing code relay???

andy malton

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Jan 3, 2002
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Harwich Essex
hi all,
is it just my bike that does NOT have a motronic code relay?,
it's a 2000 1150gs and an import , i im pretty sure that it's not had one from new, and becuse of where it is it's unlikely that it has fallen out and got lost, do imported bikes come without one?
cheers andy.
Country Code Relay

Interesting that your 1150 import does not have the relay. I bought my 1150 GS from SPC last December. It is an import from Germany. I've just had the valve clearances reset, the throttle banks balanced and TPS reset by Prestige at Bexleyheath. They pointed out that my Country Code Relay is missing. Apparently removing it improves the running at mid to higher revs but makes the engine idle very roughly - that last bit I can confirm! BMW do not encourage removal of said relay on the grounds that it encourages valve seat recession because the mixture is enriched. However, Prestige said that they have not seen any evidence of this. IIRC there is an article on the Oilhead technical pages from a guy who rang the changes on CCR's in an attempt to improve the running of his machine.

BTW thanks to SPC for spotting the missing relay - NOT :mad:

The relay cost an exhorbitant £2.71 inc VAT so I have ordered one.

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