More Eengine bar advice

Jim McSharry

More Engine bar advice

Bought the H&B set this week from Motorworks - £95 which I thought wasn't bad.
Thanks for the info gents - cut it, copied it to use on fixing them.
You will need the following:
Empty petrol tank 'cos you have to remove it!
Plugs or grips to block the pipes from the tank to stop petrol spillage.
A buddy!
A small torch to see into the holes of the footrests - this is where most problems occur.
The 2 largest allen keys from your toolkit.
't' bar and extension from socket set and adapter to fit straight allen key (Should find these bits in an impact driver set)
The 'wiggling' of the front wheel or raising as Bob mentioned doesn't need to be excessive - torch comes in handy here so you or your buddy can see into the footrest holes and line them up - could knacker the thread if your not careful.
The larger spacers are actually different sizes if you examine them closely - when fit at the footrest there should be a gap between the new bar bracket and footrest mount.
And finally, most important of all - PATIENCE!
All in all very impressed with them - just got to find a suitable place to drop it to test them now ;-)

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