Morpheous Geodesy


Has anyone fitted one of these to their GS?

Where did you mount it? Would you mount it there again?

Thanks for the info.
I haven't got one myself, but two friends with GSs have and both mount it in the same place: behind the screen and centred on top of the silver coloured plastic cowl above the headlights. The holder mounts there and the unit just slides in/out when you're parked up.
Everybody mounts their GPS systems in a bracket on the handlebar brace: some centre the unit, others have it to one side. You'll find plenty of pictures under various threads in the "GPS Info" section of people's bikes with their touratech mounts.
I hope this helps . . . Enjoy your new bike!
Simon E.
It's an "Accident black sport protector"

See iirc.

Thanks for the heads up on the mouting, as I'm going to end up with 2 GPS on the bike, it's going to be fun ;)
I occasionally ride with two guys who both have a Geodesy. Basically, the unit stoes information about the position of fixed cameras around the UK (you update this info regularly). Using satellite positioning like any GPS the unit warns you when you are approaching a camera location and lights little warning LCDs. The unit can't detect radar guns or mobile units and doesn't differentiate between Gatsos and Truvelos, nor between sides of the carriageway, so you spend a lot of time slowing down for cameras facing at you that can't picture your number plate and cameras on the other side of the road. The manufacturers claim comprehensive coverage of England and Wales but the unit is only as good as the data for the camera positions and how frequently you update it.
Last I heard they were about £350 and falling.
There are two other similar units available - the Origin Blue i and the Road Angel. Both work the same way, just have different features. A bike screen mounting kit is available for the Road Angel.
To be effective these things will need updating hourly. According to the daily paper I've just read the police will be introducing 1000 *mobile* speed cameras.

Good to see us real criminals getting the attention we so richly deserve.

You have to tend to rely on the police being sensible about where they site mobile gatsos.

I got mine to combat what I call the revenue camera, those not in 30's or 40's and hidden, purely on stretches of road that really should have a higher limit on it, as everyone does 50/60/70+ down it quite safely.

It's a good bit of kit, I'd not be without mine, and figure it's aved me at least once, if not twice from fines and points.
agree that the Geodesy is a great piece of kit - as stated it will only alert to fixed cameras and not mobile ones

the Geodesy "Plus" is worth having as this alerts only when you're moving in excess of the posted limit - this makes the unit much "quieter" - especially useful in car, in town

the unit ships with two brackets for the device to plug into so it's easy to move between a car and bike and the outer shwll can be fixed to a bike and the unit itself removed when parked

oh - and it's waterproof

and if you're sick of cameras try the Association of British Drivers on - a lobby group for common sense on our roads

have fun

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