Motolights, M&G Light Buddies and Hyperlights


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Jan 3, 2002
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Motolights, M&G Light Buddies and Hyperlights

Anybody fitted any of the above?
Remember which side of the water we live on. Most of them are illegal over here.
The legal ones

I think Paul is right some of this stuff is illegal. Anything that pulses or flashes or is the incorrect colour is not going to be too popular with the law.

The ones that put your indicators red with the tail lights (not sure which name tag this falls under) appear to be legal. I know coz I have made 'em up with very high intensity red LEDs. In the last month or so many a bod in the employ of her majesty has seen 'em and not had a problem, plus I can find no ref to be illegal. Whats more one particular traffic cop gave me the impression of being very critical. He asked for them to be put on (it was at night) then indicators to be put on. He was very happy and thought they were worthwhile.

I have had quite a few people ask me to fit 'em.

The initial ones I made were built into the reflector. But as people wish to have them fitted then and there I have come up with some stick in ones

Today I fitted them to a K1200RS which has the same indicators as the GS. The owner is an ex-policeman who in cars I believe was or still is Class 1. He likes them.

At night most people get the impression that each side is as bright as the 5watt tail light. With the advantage of course that there is no fillament to fail and therefore you don't become invisible.

I have a few well 3 that I am taking to Princetown if you wish to see them.
Ok Malky, I am interested, drop me a line of board and I will come visit/see/ and pay appropriate wads of money for any decent kit going.

Paul, I was interested in the permenant orange LED's in the indicator housings (light buddies), the extra LED brake lights (Hyperlights) and the fork mounted spots (Motolights) none of which are illegal in the UK.

Of course others might have fitted other colour versions, or flashing ones, but I figured those who had might have had useful info for me on buying and fitting the ones I wanted.

you'll find loads of information on all of the above on the ADVRider forum. I know they're Yanks, but these items seem to be very common over there.


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