Motorrad Central, Scotland


I'm quick to criticise poor service but just as quick to praise excellent service!

Thank you once again to all at Motorrad, in particular Craig & Michael (first class mechanics - nothing too much trouble).

I dropped off my bike, chatted re various works I required done at my annual service, watched some of the work being done on my bike, used the supplied courtesy bike, chatted with the sales staff, picked up the McDonalds from the drive thru on their behalf (a favour given is a favour to be returned!) etc etc........

How refreshing to actually enjoy dropping your bike off and then collecting it.........rather than the appalling experience I had with John Clarke in Dundee!!

Quite simply 11/10 for everyone at this dealership. No matter where you live/ride, drop in and experience what customer service is all about!!

............exactly the opposite of my experience with Motorrad Central...........

And, exactly the oposite of my experience of John Clark in Dundee.............:D
Re: Interesting........

Dutchman said:
............exactly the opposite of my experience with Motorrad Central...........

And, exactly the oposite of my experience of John Clark in Dundee.............:D

Well I suppose someone had to have a good experiance at Clarks, and it sure as hell wasnt me. Mottorrad gets my vote anytime.

Pete A
I must say that I am very impressed with Motorrad Central who have given me excellent service to date always following up on any glitches I have had. Great selection of clothing there also.

I've got to go with GPL 110% on treatment i've received at Motorrad Central.
It's simply so refreshing to find an enthuiasm to solve any problem one may have. Especially when fitting extras.
Craig and Micheal, the mechanics, just will not not have bad work going out the workshop.
Sales and back-up staff also excellent. Good humoured, approachable, AND they phone back when they say they will.
My experience at John Clark, Dundee. Hmmm, well, as they say, if you haven't got anything good to say, say nothing.
Motorrad central was my first experience of a BMW dealership, and I must say I'm very impressed indeed, nothing seems too much trouble, and Michael the mechanic did a super job of fitting my remus/y/techlision
John Clarke - Dundee CLOSURE???

Very interested to note they are re-jigging their bike dealership/staff etc, no doubt in response to the overwhelming amount of deserved criticism!

Here's a thought!? Save time........CLOSE IT NOW!!......... just buy your bike or service it at Motorrad's where the customer actually matters and aftersales service is actually delivered!!

Mind you!.....Clarke's Dundee were consistent!! fact CONSISTENTLY BAD!!........from the sales staff, mechanics, the MD and John Clarke himself!.......Stick to selling cars!!'s clearly less hassle for this appalling bike dealership!

A Lucky Dutchman indeed?!!
Speak as I find............

There's no doubt that Motorrad Central have earned themselves a very good reputation in the 15 months or so that they have been open, although my personal experiences are certainly less than favourable.

In the four years or so that I've used John Clark in Dundee their levels of service & aftersales have gone from mediocre to first class and it would take a major change in that to entice me away.

True, their previous sales person, Gavin, was little more than an order taker, with little or no interest/knowledge in the product, but his demise & the recent appointment of Alan Dalziel as Motorcycle Manager bodes well for the future, as does the massive financial investment they are shortly making in new premises, staff etc.....

Thier dedicated motorcycle service advisor, Brian Malcolm always gives the highest levels of customer service, as do Alan & Graham in the parts department (Graham is their bike parts specialist), and Mark Wilkes, the general sales manager. Paul, their senior bike technician, also goes to great lengths to keep my bikes on the road and has even travelled to Edinburgh on one occasion to tend to my sick RT.....

That's not to say I've NEVER had any problems with JC's, but when I have, Ian Henderson, the managing director, has been quick to resolve issues and compensate me for any inconvenience, to a degree that can only be described as impressive.

Last week I collected my new 1200GS from Dundee and not only was it very well presented but Alan Dalziel gave a thorough & professional handover...especially impressive considering he has only been there two weeks.

In 20 years of BMW ownership I've previously been a customer of Sawbridgeworth Motorcycles, Roy Pidcock & BVM Moto, all of whom enjoy superb reputations within the BMW riding community, and I'd have no hesitation in suggesting that JC's levels of customer service/competence are right up there with the best of them.

No, I'm not a shareholder in JC's, just a very satisfied customer, who doesn't feel the need to look elsewhere for BMW motorcycle sales & service in Scotland.


Just to enter my 2p worth........

I have never actually had my bike serviced at JCs and when I went there to get a deal back in in 2002, the deal I was offered was a tad poor.

Having now met Alan, it would appear that he has some good ideas and the fact that the dealership is about to invest a lot of money in a new building etc. bodes well surely.............:)

I don't think we really need to lose a dealer in Scotland, we only have three as it is and reduce that by a third will only be counter productive........there's nothing like competition to keep dealers on their toes............hence money being spent at JCs!

I bought my last two GS's from the Inverness Dealership Caltedons and got nothing but a Top service from Ross Glendinning, and a cracking deal on the bike and Accessories....;)

The three times That I have visited Central for a 'mooch' around, I have been virtually ignored and felt as if folk there were to wrapped up in their Computer Screens!

Maybe I had 'Mooch' written on me Forehead............:D so wasn't worth chatting to?

As Dutch and the rest say, take as you find.........

But if JCs are genuine with their intentions, and why wouldn't they be if chucking six figures at an update........I will be giving them the chance to lose my business in the future...........if only to say, " No Change there then"..........:D

Somehow I feel that Dutch's experience will become the norm as opposed to the exception in the future at JCs if Alan has owt to do with it...........

2peneth just run oot.......... ;)


Cant praise the level of service from Motorad Central enough, especially Blair the parts Guru.

Popped in the other day to pick up a couple of parts, one was in stock the other had to be ordered, to save me a return trip Blair said he would post it out to me FOC :D

Ive never in 20 years of biking received this level of service from any bike dealer. I owned a Triumph Trophy previous and had to wait up to a week for an oil filter from MCS Renfrew. The same oil filter that fits all Triumph T3 and T4 engined bikes since 1991 till 2003.

Im considerering trading my GS for something with a bit more poke, the levels of service ive recieved from Motorad Central definatly sways my choice towards another BMW

i have given motorrad central my custom since becoming a bmw rider last year - i am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied although on the occasion of my 6K service the bike had to go back as the sump was leaking oil - the excuse given was a faulty crush washer - i recently made some enquiries regarding the adventure model however i got the imperssion they were not taking me seriously - i concluded a deal at southport superbikes over the telephone - i reckon i shall give john clark in dundee a go when my adventure is due its next service failing which i will take the bike back down to the lovely resort of southport and have her serviced there
I recently had to replace my bevel drive oil seal and the paralever bearings.

The bearings where no problem, but I didnt have the special BMW tool for removing the ring in front of the oil seal. (and coudnt be arsed making a tool) So I took the entire bevel drive to Motorad Central. Where the workshop guys replaced the oil seal for............ the price of the oil seal, no charge for fitting. :D

Not had much dealing with the "sales team" but the twice I tried to get a test ride on a K1200RS it wasnt available.
Was at Motd Centl on Saturday returning a couple of catalogues which John and Blair had said I could look at. Met Zeus outside and heard his tale of woe - I hope you get the level of service that you are looking for from either JC's or going back to Southport.
I have had no problems with Motd Cenl, as I have said before. I guess it is like all relationships, they have to get to know me, and I have to get to know them. If there is a problem in the relationship we can either work it out or I can go elsewhere, or be encouraged to go elsewhere by how I am treated. The 100 mile run from my home to Bishopbriggs is good fun and at this point in time is well worth it, and I have had nothing but help, explanation, good service and when I am there, interest in how things are and no pressure to do anything.
Example: John advised at the 18k mile service that the bike would need tyres. He quoted £220 fitted and balanced - which I got ridiculed for somehwere on this forum. Kenny Rodkiss said to try a place much more local to us, and they were fitted and balanced for £170. When the bike was up for its MOT John was very understanding of the fact that I got them done cheaper elsewhere and then went on to do some work free of charge, including giving me a couple of catalogues to look at.
You pays your money and makes your choice, I think. I am happy at this point in time to do that with Motd Centl.
Apparantly Mill are only just the other side of Newcastle, 60 miles or so away, I like the trip to Glasgow. I do not have any association with Motd Centl apart from getting the bike there.

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