Mud Flaps/Crash Bars

Steve Peake

Does anyone know if Wunderlich Mud flaps can be fitted to a bike with H&B Crash Bars?

(Just trying to sort out what the nice people at BarclayCard are going to buy me for Xmas!)


Simon E does. He has both.

Me - I only have the H&B bars - so far, I like the look of the mudflap malarkys.

Simon - are you not on the case. This post has been here for more than 5 mins and yet no contribution - old age - mate you are slowing up. Happens to the best of us. Even Jud9e will tell ya that ;)
OK Malky . . .

Here are my flaps! With bars as well. And jolly nice and functional they are too.


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It may appear as if the mudflaps touch the crash bars, but they don't.
Before anybody asks, yes, those are Verholen footpeg lowers and the little brake pedal plate is a Wunderlich jobbie.
I highly recommend both, but especially the peg lowers which make for very relaxed cruising with no aching knees afterwards.

:) Mudflaps.
Where is the mud?
I can't see a mote or a particle!
Is it cleaner then your eyes?
Do you wash the tarmac before you dare to take the GS outside?

OK, I admit: It's impressive how clean it is!

I have not seen a dirty GS on these pages yet, do they exist?

Klem / Hug: Liv.
For Simon..

Please would you post a picture of your H & B crash bars in all their glory.
I'm thinking of getting some but can't seem to find a decent photo of them to help me make up my mind.

Simon Eassom said:
OK Malky . . .

Here are my flaps! With bars as well. And jolly nice and functional they are too.

what a guy within the hour !

decent photo. err nope but here is my entry into the ugly category :)
Here are my flaps! With bars as well. And jolly nice and functional they are too.

thought I`d wandered into the wrong forum again! till I saw the picture.
Re: Simon!

Liv said:
:) Mudflaps.
Where is the mud?

That's the whole point Liv, the mudflaps prevent even one iota of mud from clinging to the bike. They work using negative ions forming an electro-chemical barrier around the surface of the whole bike so that any dirty water or mud just falls off leaving the bike sparkling clean after every ride.

Do you not have such things in Norway?

I've had to reduce this one drastically so the quality's not too good.


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The close-ups a bit better:


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Thank you very Much..

That's just what I wanted... (now I'm going to have to get some).
Cheers for the info everyone.

Now, does anyone know how to wrap them to put under the tree?

Ok, next question...

Anyone know where's the cheapest/easiest place to get Wunderlich mud flaps from?



The mudflaps aren't horrendously expensive so its not worth trying to buy direct from Wunderlich. SPC is your place. Should get them before Christmas!

The screen is an Ermax, 4" taller than standard. Uses the standard mounts which you remove from the OE screen. I've also got thumbscrews for quick adjustment. I've been very happy with the screen up until I had my seat padded for extra height - now I want about an inch more on the screen.

Steve; make sure u get 5% off list price.spc wouldn't give it to me
so if not ,try your bmw dealer.
Big den see my add for a tinted ermax screen for sale?:D

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