Multifunction device advice requested.....


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Apr 26, 2003
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I need a fax machine with some other functions.....

My trusty old Officejet 590 has conked out.......the scanning head is ferked and the rollers are knackered....i've tweaked and tuned and cleaned and oiled and whatnot but it's knackered.......

So I'm after another one.......It's got to be stand-alone fax capable, reasonably high speed printer USB2 printer (colour and B&W), and from there i want some bells and whistles that aren't necessary but very desirable.

Oh, and it can't be expensive......less than 300 quid.....

I thought I'd found the Ideal thing today.........


The Epson reads and prints directly from storage cards, has a colour lcd to's a competent text printer and is rated as good for photos and graphics, it's a good scamnner but it's only 230 quid and that was high street also has a feature that i really really like, a film/negative scanner, so i could transfer all my old photos to Digital and store/use them...........but it's not a fax......

I suppose i could use it in conjunction with one of the many fax/modem cards i have stuffed away in drawers, but TBH i want an easy to use standalone fax function that i don't have to leave the PC on for and that will do all of the things this Epson does.

There's a nice HP multifunction jobby ( the HP PSC 2400 Photosmart) at about that price too...but it doesnt do all the nice photo and film things that the epson does......


Any ideas comments????

Try the Canon MP-730 £254 from Amazon.

Photo printer / scanning / direct photo card printing / copy and FAX....


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Thx guys...but i had to move fast as i needed a working fax over the w/ I'm sitting next to a nice new shiny Brother MFC 3420c........

ANd i've got to say I'm quite impressed.....initially it didnt scan in colour so i phoned the brother tech line and they said they'd send a patch......the woman called back 20 mins later saying they couldn't get it thru on the email i'd given so i gave another and it arrived 3 mins later.....(the point is many other tech lines i've dealt with wouldn't have bothered calling back).

The patch worked, and the results on printing, scanning and faxing are better than i'd expected for a MF machine less than £150...........

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