Munich-2-Innsbruck winter ride


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Nov 7, 2003
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Was working in Germany just before St Patricks Day so I hired a GS and the guy I was with got an RT..

Headed towards Neuschwanstein Palace so we headed towards Garmisch, turned off at Oberau and took the "back road" to Reutte..Our plan changed when we saw the sign to Innsbruck.. Couldn't resist a visit there on the bikes during Ski season

Turned around then and headed back towards Fussen and got there as it was getting dark to see the palace. Then took the Romantic Road back towards Munich again. Did about 450km in total..

I'd definetly recommend the trip.. But it was one of those once in a life time rides to have 2 foot snow banks on the side of the road as you overtake another bus load of skiers on the hairpins heading up the Alps.

Heres a photo of my ugly mug at a frozen Lake Plansee..


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Photo of Neuschwanstein Palace.. Couldn't go much further up the road due to ice...


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Got bikes from Allround Rent in Munich. Charges about €100 per day including insurance for the GS and 130 for the RT.
The guy renting them said his name was John 'Kelly'... alhtough he was pretty insistant that he had no Irish blood

Supplied Helmet and a decent Jacket and gloves for an extra tenner..


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