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Sep 8, 2004
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Devon, England
I'm thinking of getting the Zumo 550 & Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Bluetooth headset, but I heard that you can't listen to the mp3 music from the Zumo on the Bluetooth headset ?? Is that true??
I have done this.
Paired Phone to Zumo and Headset to Zumo.
Can hear both Phone and Zumo in Headset - both instructions for directions and built-in MP3.
Volume is not great while moving over 50mph - but I do have earplugs in.
Hi Rod and Frosti,

I am considering the 550 but wondered how you got on with the Cardo Scala headset?

My wife rides too and it seems to read that the Cardo system does bike to pillion but not bike to bike.

Another option seems to be the Kroozeez interphone system for bike to bike, but glueing bits to your helmet sounds a bit iffy!

Your chat about mono quality sounds poor, I presume you mean mono through both ear pieces and not sound just through one earpiece? What do you think about the sound quality?

Any good advice for me would be greatly appreciated.

Advice still appreciated but having looked into these headsets I realise they only have one speaker! That will be mono then!:nenau

Some photos show two speakers and others just the one?

I shall order the zumo and forget the speakers for now until I get to the bottom of all this!:type

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