Must go faster III

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Oct 28, 2002
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Durham, England
Well, the cams are in!

For those who dont know what I am on about, in search of a bit more top end go, I have decided to see if the cams from the 1100RS would go into the GS.

I decided to buy the whole top end assembly, the carrier, rockers cam and followers as a just in case, but also to make life easier. Swapping the complete assemblies rather than stripping out the cams from the assembly. It also means that the cam followers, which had bedded in to the cams, would remain in situ. Mixing up cam followers is not a good idea on secondhand cams.

Darren from Motorworks was dead right. The assemblies are identical. And from what I can gather, the RS cams are the same as the S cams, but I dont have solid proof. Anyways, checking out the GS cams against the RS cams it would appear that they both have exactly the same lift. However, just looking at them you can see that the RS cams have much more duration. The flanks of the GS cams are a fairly straight ramp, whereas the RS cams have a pronounced curve.

Fitting them was quite straightforward. The only suggestions I would give anyone is to buy the crank locking tool (spigot). Once at TDC you just shove it through the whole above the starter motor and it does what it says on the packet and locks the crank. This means when you try to get the cam sprocket off, GS and RS are no different valve timing, the motor cant turn,... and they are on tight. Getting the cam chain tensioner off on the right hand side was a bit of a git, cos the exhaust header pipe is in the way. You also have to take the left enjector off to get at the left one. Again a bit of a faff on. Otherwise, dead straightforward if you are confident with a set of spanners.

Fired the bike up and it ran as sick as a dog but, all it needed was the airscrews opening a bit and the throttle bodies resetting. Maybe the RS needs a bit more air low down. The pick up off the throttle seems to be much more responsive but...... its chuffing snowing outside so a road test will have to come in "Must go faster" IV.

Cant wait to give it a go. I have probably forgotten something. I will add to this post of I think of owt.


Forgot to mention, that Suzuki of yours is awesome....not for the faint hearted.

Your a braver man than I am Gunga Din.:D
Looking forward to the test results with the new cams:cool:
Do you think the same thing could be done with the 1150?
Sorry guys, forgot to mention that this is an 1150. Which is what makes using secondhand 1100 parts more interesting. (and cheaper)

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