Names and Faces?

Deleted account W

Can people that are going post a photo of themselves and there real name below.

Then when I meet you I'll know who you are.

I'll print them all off and and use them as crib sheets

It will also alleviate the need for people to post the same old shite about "It was great to put names to faces" after the event as they will already have done that here.

just incase i have my back to you:thumb2

General Goodspeed Whan King The Third

but you can call me BurgerKing;)


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in case it's dark


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In case I am taking a photo...

This will make me easy to spot...


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Great, thanks, this will make it so much easier for us all :D
And there was me thinking Whatton was just takin' the pish :blast :augie :augie

By the way Aidan, I think you'll find it easier to ride the bike if ya face the other way :thumb

you should see where the petrol cap is sticking.... he also can be hired for a small fee to scare badly behaved small children.
he also can be hired for a small fee to scare badly behaved small children.

Oh I know. When any of my lads are misbehaving I threaten them with Aidan. Works every time ;)
I might print off that picture & use it to frighten them even more - it would certainly keep them outta the fridge :D
This is me Kev.
No Im not named Kev, Im called Den.
Kev, this is me .....thats better.

Unfortunately, you wont recognise me as Im not going..... but it IS me.
Please do not use my picture as an aid to self sexual pleasuring.


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