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Mar 31, 2004
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On a recent European trip my Zumo started to say unable to calculate route not enough memory available, After lot of different things it worked when I turned of all the avoidances,

Contacted Garmin and after trying lots of things they said that as the Zumo was a navigational aid only. So that any long or complicated routes should be planned on mapsource and transfered.

I asked what they considered long or complicated and they said the ones that did not work !

They tried some of the routes on their zumo and got the same results as mine,

however they had had no other reports of this happening from other customers as he belived everybody else pre planned all their routes.

I said I did not belive I was the only one who travelled around Europe without a laptop or preplanned routes.

they said well thats that.

so anyone got any ideas !
Plan a route for each day / half day. Then any recalculations won't potentially cover the whole of Europe, even if your name is Greg Masters :bow

Having via / way points in the routes will help IMHO.

Above based on low tech SP3 and Quest 1 GPSR's ;)
Were you trying to plot routes covering large distances, i.e. several days riding? I think it's best to split routes into a days ride at most or even to lunch stop and then a 2nd on to the stop at the end of the day. TBH I'm somewhat surprised that the Zumo can't cope with Europe spanning routes, I'd expect a Quest or maybe a 2610 to baulk at the prospect but would expect more processing grunt and memory from the latest GPSR.

Edit: John obviously types faster and/or thinks quicker than moi...
so as any body else had that fault ?
and does anyone else just use the zumo to plan routes as they go ?

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